very strange things that have happened to you that you cannot explain.....

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    This past spring my family and my lil bro's best friend and I went on a vacation in the south. It ended in Miami Florida so that we could go to Epcot. Anyways, I ended up on the couch and everyone else had a room.
    Well, I had slept on the couch for 2 days, but on the third day something very strange happened.
    I was up to about 1 am until I decided to turn off of the TV and go to sleep. It took no time until I began drifting off to sleep when the bed shook, or at least it felt look it shook. It startled me, but I thought, "Meh, you were just dreaming or something." I began going back to sleep when I heard a woman scream. It was blood curdling. It scared me so bad that I literally jumped straight into the air, got to my feet and doubled up my fists. I looked around and there was nothing. After my heart stopped throbbing I listened, and there was nothing. I woke up my brother and he said that he heard..... nothing. So I went back to try once again go to sleep. This time I propped myself up in the corner and had full surveillance of the room. It was now close to 2:30 (that adrenaline rush keeps you awake for sure) and I was drifting off to sleep. All of a sudden I heard crying. It startled me... again, but not enough to leap to my feet. I turned on all of the lights in the living area and done a search of the room for anything out of the ordinary or for anyone. I found nothing. Before I went back to the bed I heard a whisper. It sounded like a female, but it was so quite that I could not make out what was said. I turned quickly and saw black hair move behind me. It was like something was staying directly behind me and when I moved it moved to, but the hair was dragged into my line of vision.

    I left the lights on, said a prayer and got very angry for being cheated out of a nights sleep. The next morning mom asked me why I was being so loud last night. She said that she heard me holler a couple of times. This was strange, because I never heard any hollering, nor did I holler.

    I found out that day that a man had beat his wife to death in that very room. Needless to say, I was more than creeped out.

    I was never one for ghost stories. I have a different view on them now.
    Have you ever had a strange night like this?
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    A couple winters ago i was on my way back to NY from looking at property in VT. It was late, i was tired so I stopped in at the family place in the Catskills. So here I am, around 11:30 at night, not a soul to be found in the small town where the place is, and I pull in the drive and stop. I hop out of the Jeep and then reach back in to grab my overnight bag. Just as I'm pulling back out of the Jeep i hear this whispered in my ear - "Hello". :eek: I immediately swiveled to my right, raising my right arm in a blocking motion while bringing my left fist up for a strike. And what do I find, just a faint haze that wisps away almost as soon as I see it.

    I didn't get the best nights sleep that night :(

    A recent Thanksgiving I took a week off and spent it at a friends place in Cape Cod. He swears the house is haunted, but I just keep reassuring him that he is just a pu$$y. :D Anyhow, I come back from the bar late one night and decide to fire up the xBox down in the basement. I eventually nod off midgaming laying back in the recliner. Around 4am I awake to find the lights off, the tv and xBox still on and a large male figure draped all in black standing in the darkest corner of the room. As I start to raise up the figure just fades away into the dark as if it went right through the 1' thick concrete foundation wall. So since I've seen some strange stuff here and there, i just went back to sleep.

    I tell my friend about this the next day, and for the next year and a half he refuses to go down there alone at night. Pu$$y! ;)

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    I have had a few experiences that I couldn't explain.
    Most were during my childhood and I don't remember much about them, but I have had a few weird things happen in recent years.

    I don't think I've ever told any of you this before, but I am what I like to call an "amateur" paranormal investigator. By "amateur" I mean that I'm not with a group. I have my own equipment and a friend that is equally as interested and we have a couple groups that allow us to join them as guest investigators, but they live much further away, so it would be difficult for my friend and I to be full time members.

    Anyway, on to the story.
    About 3 years ago, I was working for a construction company building a new "digital" tank range at Ft Benning,GA.
    I was on the grass crew, my job was to drive a John Deere 7520 tractor with a hay blower, when I wasn't doing that, I was driving the old army 5 ton truck that hauled our hydro-seeder.
    One day we had to work really late, I think it was about 10:00PM when we finally knocked off.
    We had been seeding another jobsite that was about 3 miles down a dirt road from our normal job site.
    My personal truck was parked at the other site, and I was instructed to drive the hydroseeder back to our normal site and someone would pick me up and take me to my vehicle.
    I arrived and parked the old army truck at our "seed yard" and waited for my ride to come.
    I waited....and waited... for about 30 minutes and nobody had showed up.
    I was still sitting in the cab of the truck, windows down, when I started to hear what sounded like footsteps in the wood line directly in front of the truck.
    It sounded like a two legged creature that was trying to be quiet, but not doing a good job of it.
    The wood line had recently been thinned out, so I figured if I turned on my headlights, I should be able to see what was making the noise.
    When I turned on the lights, I saw nothing and the footsteps stopped, when I turned the lights off, the foot steps started again.
    Thoroughly freaked out by this, I started the truck and began riding the tank trails that we were building, looking for cell phone service, or someone to give me a ride back to my vehicle.
    I finally found someone to follow me back to the yard and then take me to my truck.
    I never found out what I was hearing in the woods, as close as the foot steps sounded, I should have seen something when I turned on the headlights.
    Someone later told me it could have been a sniper in training.. I don't know, but I wouldn't think they would let anybody train in an area that was still under construction.

    In conclusion, I don't know if it was someone training, an animal, ghost, or sasquatch... I just knew I didn't want to sit there anymore:eek:
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    Speaking of Sasquatch...... I ran into some Big Foot hunters the other day.
    I think the dudes were off their rocker a lil bit if ya catch my drift. They were dumb big foot hunters too. The idiots went for a walk about 30 minutes from civilization (an hour round trip if they never stopped) in a heat index of like 101 or something like that with no water!!!!!!!! Dumb asses!
    I always carry at least a liter of water on me when I go outside away from the house... sometimes two.
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    The Scottsman:

    [ame=]YouTube - IRISH ROVERS - THE DRUNK SCOTTSMAN !![/ame]
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    I got married.:eek:
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    Yes Virginia... there are things that go bump in the night.
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    So I was 19 my father and I were hunting deer way up in the toolies. I am good with a gun, he is better. My father is an old cowboy who has zero fear at all. That day we were hunting an old homestead called Palmrose. I heard movement in the thick woods and signaled to my father. He was at my 3 oclock about 20 feet away listening as well. We communicated with hand signals and he let me know that he could hear the animal. As it grew closer I was overcome with fear I had never felt before. All the hair on my kneck stood up and I began to get the adrenaline shakes. I looked at my father and he was the same. You see we both have an O-Sh!t-o-meter called esp built in. Anyhow the steps in the woods that sounded like deer suddenly turned to something bigger than human, it was a bi-ped of some sort but big. We didnt stay around to see what it was. I dont think we have ever ran that fast out of a place. I was armed with a 30-30, he had his mini 14 with a 5 round mag loaded. When we hunt however he carries 2 loaded 40 round mags in his waistband. That day there was no amount of firepower that could have kept us there.
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    Ok I'm not done yet folks. The first house I lived in over in the UK was hundreds of years old. As a matter of fact it had the same wardrobes in it as it had since it was built. I was told by the owners that the wardrobes cant be moved from the room they were in.
    I moved into the room with said wardrobes as this was the biggest and best room. I loaded my clothing and such into the wardrobes and it fit nicely. These things were 6 foot high each and about 3 foot wide. Beautifully crafted and even though they were hundreds of years in age they looked new.
    It didnt take long for the creepy stuff to start. The wardrobes were at the foot of the room facing my as I lay in bed. Doors were closed all day with no issues or complaints and all was fine. I crawled into bed, turned out the lights and instantly heard the creaking of an old wooden door. I turned on the lights and there stood open the door of the wardrobe. Chills ran through me as I stood and closed the door. I nor sooner made it back across the room and the door swung slowly open again. Chills and serious pucker factor hit me. I turned to the door, jammed a shirt in it and slammed it closed. I could not easily open it and said ok problem solved. I assure you problem not solved. I climbed into my cozy bed, hit the light and I'll be damned if that door didnt open itself again. I lay there, said a prayer and said Eff you and dozed off.
    Those doors would never open like that in the day, only at night. Weird eh? One night I got a water leak upstairs. It was still daylight and I went up and moved one of the wardrobes out from the wall about 4 feet. Heavy as hell I tell you. I found the leak, fixed it and left the wardrobe out.
    Later that night I was watching television downstairs with a fire going, coal to be exact, and I heard the worst, most wretched growl come from the room up-stairs and it drove through the very fabric of my soul. It literally shook the house. I blew it off the first time but at the sixth i ws moving. I ran to the top of the stairs and as I ran into the room I froze. The room was cold as ice and you could see your own breath. It growled again and I hit that damned old wardrobe with all I had. I drove it back into the wall from where it came and the horrific growling stopped. I promptly moved out of the room and only returned to it during daylight hours.
    I still get chills thinking about what was trapped in that house, in those wardrobes.
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    Ghosts of Hunting Seasons Past

    When I was 13-14 I went to my Grandfather's place near Marienville P.A. to spend buck season with him.
    He owned a motel called the Pigeon Loft (in the township of Pigeon)

    anyways after everyone had went to bed I was awakened in the middle of the night not sure why, nothing obvious, then I heard floorboards in the hallway, I glanced at the clock which read 2:45 Am and thought to myself, no way this old coot is up already, so I walked to the door and peeked into the hallway just to catch a glimpse of a man very similar to my grandfather's build entering the bathroom and closing the door... the only light in the hallway being from a night-light at that end

    I found this strange as the man was wearing a navy-blue suit (as far as I could tell in the low light)
    at first I thought it was him and I sat on the bed waiting for him to come back out, glad to be awake so early as I was young and filled with Buck-Fever.
    He never came out.

    so I thought he had somehow came out quietly and went downstairs, at this point I figured it could just be some traveler using the bathroom, but there was one downstairs for that... also no lights were on down there and if it had been someone they would have passed my room to get back down the stairs

    Next morning, Gramps is upstairs shaving and doing old man stuff while I eat the huge breakfast grandma is making for us and I ask her "who was that guy using the bathroom last night?"
    she replied" no one was here honey." she was quiet a second and then said " was he wearing a blue suit?"

    I felt my face flush cold, I asked how she knew what he was wearing

    she then said " Thats your Grandpas buddy, he sees him time to time up there." as if nothing was strange

    from that night on, I slept on the living room couch, I **** thee not :confused: