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    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for a good looking, lightweight and thin leather shoulder holster that keeps the gun tight to the skin right in the armpit. I have some cotton Kangaroo Carry and while they work and conceal the gun (4.25" 1911) very well, I don't like feeling like I'm wearing a bra; on top of that the elastic can get uncomfortable. This would be for deep concealment, I already have a working belt setup for regular CCW. I was looking at the Galco VHS and it just looks huge, it would probably print like crazy. I have a thin build however I'm muscular which allows me to hide the butt of my 1911 against my pecs, which is why I need the gun riding that high.

    I know Alessi makes nice holsters but I don't see how my 1911 wouldn't print dangling horizontally and I'm not a fan of muzzle sweeping people behind me. I've heard about the vertical holster that Alessi makes but there is absolutely no information online and I don't feel like spending $200 -$300 to try it out.

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    Don't have a specific answer but here are links to 315+ mfgs of holsters. You can search body holsters, select Images from the top line and see lots of images. If you mouseover the images some will tell you where they come from...might help.

    Edit: Just arrived in the mail today. The Gould Leather and DeSantis Sof-tuck.

    My holster collection for my M&P .40 full size.


    BladeTech with the Paddle Attachment:

    Gould 803-mp:

    DeSantis Sof-tuck:
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    I love DeSantis Holsters. I used to live nr. The Factory on Long Island and got a tour with my FIL in 2005 there. I just got my Sof-tuk a few weeks ago for the RIA 1911-9MM. Have you ever used it Srossdraw? I also have a Nemesis for the LC9, and Shoulder rigs for the 1911(One each to fit Gov't. And Commander) and the DW 41 Mag. ...
    The Gould is nice too, looks a lot like my Mitch Rosen's I have for the Smith and the LC-9...

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