Version 2.5.1 of NM Collector Software and Android NM Guns Application

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    My software has been available for years so it is very stable. There is a free version so no purchase is necessary.

    I had some recent requests that I have addressed in a new version. Mostly people wanted some way to import data from other programs and some sort of mobile app. I have addressed those requests in version 2.5.1 of NM Collector Software and with the release of NM Collector for the Android applications including one I call NM Guns.

    I really like the NM Guns Android Application because it allows me to import my collection from NM Collector and take it with me wherever I go (including gun shows) so I can easily review my collection and make better decisions on what I might want to buy or pass on when given the opportunity. It is also a very easy way to add pictures to NM Collector software because I can take them with my Android phone and then upload them into NM Collector on my desktop or USB flash drive.

    Please try them out and let me know what you think. I really appreciate the help and opportunity to address issues and feature requests.