Vehicle Safes?

Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by PuppetMaster, May 18, 2007.

  1. PuppetMaster

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    I saw an ad or TV show or something a while back of a guy/company that builds custom hidden safes for vehicles. Some were pretty elaborate - push a button under the steering wheel and the spring-loaded safe slides out from the center console or a hidden compartment drops down from under the dash. Anybody seen this/know what I'm talking about?
  2. Graybeard50

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    I used to have an under seat pistol safe with an electric switch mounted under my dash. The safe drawer was recessed so you could not easily pry it open. When the ignition switch was off, the switch would not work. The drawer was spring loaded so that when you pushed the switch while the ignition was on, it would open automatically. It was the best vehicle firearm security system out there at that time, imo. It was out of sight, weapon secured, but quickly available if needed.

    I bought it in 1986 from Galls . I don't believe they carry it any more though. I sold the Chevy K10 a couple of years ago and let the safe go with it.:mad: I figured it would be easy to get another one, but I have not been able to find one since.

  3. Dillinger

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    I don't know about any of that fancy, under the dashboard hidden gun safe ala James Bond, but these guys at Truck Vault make a great product and they make them to fit just about everything out there.

    It's not much for quick access, but it isn't going to get taken out of the vehicle without some dynamite and a crowbar either....
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    The FBI uses TruckVault. Ask them about their police versions.
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    I own three of these. One for my home office, one for my EDC bag of stuff and one in my car. Had I known about this vendor I would have had all the keys the same.

  7. Harley_Guy

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    I have one of these under my seat in my Dodge 4X4. Push the button, the drawer slides out and you're armed. I don't think anyone is going to take the safe, welded it to the floorboard. Might be able to pry it open, but it would take a bit of time, and with the alarm screaming, I doubt anyone is going to stick around long enough.