Vehicle gun safes, advice

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    My car was broken into last night reminding me that the scum bags are always out there getting their free handouts and robbing & stealing. With that said…

    I need to buy a gun safe for my vehicle. Preferably a center console safe. It seems all of the companies that come up when I google are all selling the same safe (they’re just resellers). Here is the link: Shop Console Vault - Console Vault - Chevrolet Tahoe / Suburban / Silverado - Floor Console 2007-2010 #1011-Chevrolet

    Does anyone else know where else I can look? I was at a gun show in Houston and several vendors had awesome custom made vehicle safes but that was over a year ago and I didn’t get their cards.
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    FAS1 Safe

    I make these in San Antonio and sell online. New pricing starts today @ $189.00.
    They aren't model specific but can be mounted horizontally or vertically anywhere you have enough space. More pics and details on our Facebook page.


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