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  1. Randyman59

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    Question. I don't have my texas conceal carry license yet, but my wife and i and our 6 y/o grandson driving to albany georgia tomorrow to visit other grandkids.

    I have a gunvault 200 to lock my glock in under the rear seat.

    Does anyone know if this is a good idea? I know in texas, concealed in vehicle is ok if locked up and unloaded. What about louisiana, mississippi, alabama and georgia? Anyone foresee any problems?
  2. RichNH

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    This is probably too late for your current trip, but you might try looking on the following site to find such information for states you are travelling through/to. I know some of the states I've looked at the info for have info on carrying in a vehicle without a permit.

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    In the great state of Texas it only has to be concealed in the vehicle. It does not have to be locked or unloaded. Just a heads up

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Since ^^that ^^part is wrong I'd sure be looking into the other state laws a bit more closely :(
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    Probably too late to help but jut FYI *technically* in AL you need a permit to carry a pistol in your car, except in some very limited circumstances (like bringing it home after buying it). No routine driving around with it.

    It actually one of the only really "bad" firearms laws we have in AL. They tried to do away with it recently in a broad revamp of the state firearms laws but for some reason the change didn't make it into final bill that was passed. :(

    That said, I've never heard of anyone actually getting ticketed or arrested for it and if you are just passing through you're probably covered the the federal transport laws.
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    I think the problem is as you stated! You do not have your personal protection permit yet! You could end up in serious trouble and especially out of Texas and traveling across state lines. And to me should you be charged with carrying a handgun without a permit is is a jailable offense without question and you can probably kiss your ability to ever get a permit in the future goodbye! In my opinion better carry a club until you get legal. Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama do honor Texas personal protection permits if you possess a permit. We sure do not want to see any of our friends here on the FTF get into serious problems. :)