Vasily Zaitsev or Simo Häyhä?

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    Correction: Zaytzev. I'm falling asleep while writing this I apologize.

    My first thought was that Simo was the better sniper (using a Finnish M/28 Mosin Nagant) due to the same reason as every other "Simo fan" in that he did not have the aid of a telescopic sight. Yet he managed an average of 5 kills a day for 100 days. Of course he was also in a jungle, a large fairly open area, and fighting a substantially larger amount of Soviets than Vasily did Germans. Vasily (with an M91/30 Mosin Nagant sniper) fought in an urban area with about 250000 less enemies and an addition of thousands of planes and artillery units bombing the area around him and still managed to pick out over 250 enemy soldiers in over six months. A fact that is rarely brought up in forums is that Vasiliy did in fact take down multiple Germans using a standard issue Mosin Nagant with the iron sights at almost half a mile before he was handed a sniper rifle. If that doesn't prove he's worthy to Simo fans I don't know what will. Either way, both of these killing machines are at a tie in my book.

    Which one do you think is the superior sniper?
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    I think they were equal. Saying this one or that one was better because he did this or that is pointless. Different guys, different places. Either way they were both very good and no one I would want pointing their rifle at me.

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    They were pretty equal in my book. One thing though, Simo, during one stretch of heavy contact, averaged closer to one kill every 5 MINUTES. I think this went on for maybe 3 days.

    They were both awesome, AND lucky.
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    Who da man.......

    The guy or women that killed the most "snipers" wins hands down......Shooten turkeys in a bath tub don't count......:)