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    well I thought I would share my last and farthest kill ground hog hunting. so there I was home for memorial day. I head out memorial day morning with my buddy matt and his father, I'm rocking my 204,matt his 223 bdl and bill has his trusty 22 hornet. so we make it out to larry,s place and start loading up, but I can't find my shells.... mmmm....

    so I ask bill where they are? he says they are in the truck, which they are not! so I go check again, and come up empty handed, again. so I ask bill if he brought them, and replys with years of wisdom " if you ain,t cheatn', you ain't tryin'!!! WTF!!!!!

    we have a little bet goin on the kill score so I hop in matts siverado and fly home and check MY truck and low and behold, there they are on the seat! Grrrrrrr!!!!

    when I arrive back at larry's, everyone is down at the bottom field, toating their kills, and bill replys "all dead son". bill with 5, matt with 4, and ol' larry with zip!

    so out of sheer smugness bill smiles and says look across the road an the corn field. so I pull the glass to my eyes and begin the search. after about twenty minutes I spot one! and it looks pretty good sized. so I take up a good prone, and set my bi-pods, settle my heart beat and check my breathing. focus on the target, CRACK! it drops to the ground an raises it tail. GD it I missed! bill starts to haggel me as I chamber another shell, and repeat the calming sequence. CRACK!

    a cloud of dust rises very close to the far side of it. as bill comtinues to haggle me, I can't belive I missed twice! matt was watching through the binos, and stated I hit it! so I begin the jog to check my "kill".

    when I get up to it I see that I hit it BOTH times!!! once in the shoulder and exited through the spine, and once through the neck. its tail was only moving due to nerves I guess.

    matt ended up ranging it at 462yds! my furthest yet! and my zero miss record is still intact!

    so lets hear some more!