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Varmint control

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I have a 17hmr and many coyotes. With a 34 grain, hmr, xtp ammunition, would this be enough to knock down and kill a coyote at around 50 yds.
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I would not consider shooting any animal the size of a coyote with any rim fire. The exception would be finishing a trapped animal. Some western states are paying $50 dollars in bounty money. A centerfire rifle can soon pay for its self.:cool:
"Knock down"? No. Kill? Yeah, eventually. As with any caliber/game, shot placement is the key.
A buddy of mine uses a 17hmr with 17gr vmax and he would smoke them out to 150 but there's better choices out there then a 17 like others have said time and time again shot placement is key
If you're in situations where you aren't dealing with shooting through brush and you can take a good rest and shoot the coyote in the head and you are confident in doing so then the 17 is plenty good in my opinion, 50 yards isn't too far, I have seen coyote killed with 22 mag and 22 lr at that range as well with good shots, however being that your ranges will often vary as well as ease of shot placement I prefer a 223 or 22-250 for coyote or a 12 guage and 4 buck.
I second the 22-250 I have one as my coyote rig and I won't look back
17hmr is a great gun I use it here in iowa for coyote with no wind it's a Remington 597 semi auto. Also have a browning 243 and a AR15 223 but next on list is a 22-250
check your ammo (or your typing) 34 grain in a .17 HMR? :confused:
Standard load is 20 grains, polymer tip 17 Grains.
.22-250 is a great caliber, but you will ruin pelts.

.223 is far cheaper to shoot and more than adequate to 300 yards.

I personally wouldn't use a .17 on anything larger than prairie dogs.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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