Value of Weatherby Ducks Unlimited 12 guage?

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  1. daddybill120

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    I recently acquired a like new condition Weatherby Ducks Unlimited 12 guage magnum Centurion II shotgun. What is best way to determine value, even though I probably will not be ready to sell in the near future.
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    It has been my experience that you can go to a dealer and have him look it up. The price they will give you is a starting point. They will usualy give you the book value. The value is always more than a book value.
    You can go to sites like guns of america or guns international and scroll through and see what they actualy sell for.You can look through Cabellas guns online also and see they regularly get 2 to 3 hundred more for a gun than you can buy it any where else in the world for.
    It can be realy hard to get a value on a rare gun because you dont see them for sale every where. So you can look for forums dedicated to that brand and usualy find the collectors of that specific brand who can tell you the real value.