Value of my Model 1911

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Ranpaul, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Ranpaul

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    I have a Colt Model 1911 mfg in 1914, Serial Nnumber less than 6000. Gunsmith grades it as in Excellant Condition. Looking to insure and need to determine value.
  2. matt g

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    Your best bet for appraisal and certification would be to contact Colt directly. For a small fee, they'll check the piece out and issue you a certificate that it is what it is and let you know an appraised value on it. IIRC, they will also go through their paperwork and give you a manufacturing date and lot and let you know where it originally was sold. I believe that they can do this with any post-fire Colt made weapon.

    If you don't mind, snap a few pictures and post them up for us to drool over. We all love seeing old iron.

  3. dragunovsks

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    I saw one in a gun store a couple of months ago that was a 1917 Colt 1911. Looked like it had been issued and used in battle, wasn't mangled but the finish was wore a little. They wanted $2500 for it though, and it wasn't in near the condition that your's is in. Now, the gun was on consignment so I don't know if it was really worth that much.
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    That is an early 1911, and in "excellent" condition, I would guess between 2500 and 3000 dollars. This would be with all original parts, original blueing, etc. This is of course if you can fine a collector to buy it. These Colts are becoming increasingly rare in excellent condition. In my modest humble opinion of course, I would hold on to it. Look at what SAA are going for these days in those years! Not very many people have the fore-thought to realize that a 100 year old Colt, no matter what configuration, is still a 100 year old Colt! This is a prize to be treasured!