Value of a Browning Safari Mark II w/ BOSS?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by tightlynes, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Hey, wondering if anyone can help out the noob. And sorry if I didn't post this in the best form. Couldn't find another one that seemed to match what I'm asking, so here we are.

    My uncle recently gave me a Browning Safari Mark II with the BOSS muzzle break system in 7 mag caliber. It was made when they were manufacturing them in Belgium. It has never been fired. It's in mint condition, with the lone exception being a small chip (about 1/4 inch) in the stock at the base of the receiver (don't know who did that, I just know it wasn't me. Piss me off...). It was originally purchased probably 10-15 years ago, and has been sitting around not being used since then. It's got a beautiful walnut stock too, and is a very pretty rifle.

    I was talking with a guy recently who told me that the gun has collector value, and could be worth $2,500 or possibly more. I'm not sure if he's full of crap or not (very well might be). He said the ones that were made in Belgium have collector value, while the ones manufactured stateside do not.

    Any insight on the value of the rifle? If it's worth a decent amount to someone, I'd be happy to sell it. I'm not a collector, and would rather have a gun that I'm comfortable using to go kill animals. So if there is value on it, I'd like to sell it and buy a couple of other practical guns. If it's not worth much, then it's time to slap a scope on it and get it ready to kill an elk and maybe a deer this fall.

    Also, if anyone has experience with the rifle, I'm all ears on your insight on the rifle. I read on another forum that it shoots cloverleafs at 100 when you dial the BOSS in right. Seems like a stretch for a gas operated semi-auto, but I haven't shot mine yet, so I don't know.

    Any insight would be appreciated.
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    See what they're going for on Gunbroker - look at completed sales...

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    Tightlynes,You do have a nice Browning rifle,but your friend is way off on the value. In Mint condition,it's worth around 700-750 to someone that would want it,but you said the stock was chipped so that would drop the value even more.
    If you hunt,just take the rifle out and enjoy it. Browning BAR's have been know to be great guns,some have great accuracy,some don't.

    But the gun does have family history,and that cannot be replaced.I'd say keep it and enjoy it,and really thank your uncle for a great gift.