Value of .25-35 Winchester

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    My friend recently let me shoot his Winchester .25-35. I can't remember the year, maybe 1887? It was later 1800s and in great shape. Right patina, good wood (minor wear) only thing he cleans is the barrel.

    Is this gun really valuable? What does it cost to shoot? (Rare cartridge, must eb a nightmare)
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    a lever action would make it a 1894. Single shot would make it a 1885. Value could be $150 to $2000. Ammo is not that hard to get and less than many "modern" calibers.

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    Not hard to find at all;

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    Wow, thats great they make it again! His was an original (I'm no expert, could be a good copy) with a tube magazine, not single shot. What else...
    All I know is it was a sweet gun to shoot. It pointed so naturally, the action was smooth, and the recoil was very manageable.

    That was a very helpful article by the way, thanks.
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    The rifle you shot was probably a Model 1894 or its later namesake the Model 94. It could have also been a Model 64 or a Model 55. Both of these later rifles were variations of the 1894. They are basically the same receiver and internals but with different stocks and barrel configurations. You can ask your friend to look on the left side of the barrel and the Model designation will be stamped below the rear sight if it is a Model 94, 64, or 55. It will be on the upper tang if it is an 1894. As others have said the ammo is still produced and is not that difficult to locate. You will find it at better gun shops but not at Walmart.

    The Model 1894 was first introduced in that year but it was not available in the .24-35 caliber until mid 1895. The change from the 1894 to 94 designation occurred in the early 1920's. The Model 55 was introduced in 1924 as a replacement for the 1894 sporting rifle configuration. The Model 64 was introduced in 1932. If you get back with the Model designation and the full serial number I can narrow things down a bit more for you.