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    I'm a college student who has lived in FL for 3 years yet I am still a Virginia resident (insurance purposes). I'm looking to purchase my first firearm but I'm confused about how I can buy one.

    Can a friend who is a FL resident purchase one and then sell it to me? Can a friend who is a VA resident purchase one and sell it to me? How about this FFL service?

    What is the easiest/cheapest course of action? Looking to get a revolver for ~$300 total spent. Thanks.
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    You may have to do an ffl transfer to Va. then pick up in Va then bring back with you to Fl. I'm not 100% on that but it couldn't hurt to run into you're lgs and ask.
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    Having a friend buy a firearm for you might border on the Straw Purchasing act, which is kind of straining understanding on both sides of the counter looking to make the deal. Consult your local gun show for precise details governing that. But I am sure there will be along shortly an array of members who could answer that for you.
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    If the transaction is considered a straw purchase, then your friend has made a false statement on a federal form (which could keep your stay in FL a little longer and effectively ban you from ever possessing a firearm).

    There are legal ways to purchase in FL. The FLDE does have an 800 number. I suggest that you contact them. They are a good source for information.

    Getting free advice from the internet is just as good as what you pay for, nothing.
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    As said- our legal advice is worth every penny you paid for it. Start by checking with Florida DoJ folks.

    In GENERAL- under Federal law, you may only acquire a handgun in your home state of residence. The question will be- what is your state of residence? Residence means more than where you are living at the moment. SOME of the factors- are you registered to vote- if so, in what state? Got a driver's license? What state? Did you file a tax return? What address?

    SOME folks can have more than 1 state of residence at the same time- notably US Military, but there are others. At one time my Home of Record was Virginia, my permanent duty station was Ft Benning GA, but I rented an apartment over the state line in Alabama. 3 states of residence.

    Talk to the authorities in Florida- they are the ones that would be prosecuting you.

    Having a friend buy a gun for you is EXACTLY what a Strawman purchase is about, and it is illegal. Bad idea. Really.

    BTW- just noticed that was your first post- Welcome to the forum. When you get a minute, drop by the intro thread and say hello.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Very helpful forum here. I tried contacting the FDLE through this number, though it seems the lines are always busy (not available on weekends?)

    As for my status of residence, I have lived and worked here for almost four years. I have copies of my leases, pay stubs, etc. to prove I have lived here. However I still have a VA drivers license, my vehicle is registered in VA, my passport lists my permanent address as in VA, and so on. I figure that since I am a college student I am allowed to keep my state of residence and still live here.
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    Go to FDOT and get a FL ID. Bring proof of residence, bills etc.
    a FL ID showing your FL address is all you need. Fill form with FL info. If you have concealed carry, no waiting period.
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    Thanks! After doing some research I see you can get a FL ID without getting a different drivers license. That works out perfectly. I appreciate your guys patience :)

    Now to look for a good revolver for home defense/the range!