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  1. CaseyChadwell

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    Is there anyone that has a v-tac (v-tec???)? I have never been a fan of the M&P pistols, mainly because I havent handled many. However, today I held one and my hand immediately got an erection!!:rolleyes:

    Can someone with experience with this firearm please tell me about it? What is the difference besides color and sights between this model and the regular M&P? I have a feeling I may have to get me one in the very near future, however, if the differences are just the color and the sights, I will save my money and find a used M&P40.
  2. Squawk

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    I own one and love it. But the only thing you get different is the color and sights. You can buy the sights from Viking Tactics, and they will fit on any M&P model. But the sights are $249.99.

    I love it. Will not get rid of it. But it is pricey for just color and sights.

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  3. JTJ

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    I believe it has sights by Viking Tactical. Other than that I dont see much difference.
  4. ThinkFastHolsters

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    The sights and color are the two main differences. In my opinion, the price difference is worth it for the sights (and the color if you are a FDE whore like many of us) I also hear the trigger is slightly improved from normal M&Ps but my plain jane M&P9 has a wonderful trigger right out of the box with no modifications (i must have gotten lucky). Use caution because it sounds like some of the earlier models had some problems with the slide finish wearing very easily. Supposedly this has been remedied but I dont know from experience. Either way, if you get an M&P you will be happy, happy, happy:D