Utah CFP Class - June 29, Sharon Hill, PA

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    Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Course
    Legally Carry Concealed in 36 States (38 with AZ)

    This Multi-State Concealed Firearms Course is designed to qualify you to apply to the State of Utah and, optionally, Arizona for a Concealed Firearms Permit.

    If making application to Utah you MUST have a home state Permit if Utah has reciprocity with your State. NJ Residents can obtain a Utah Non-Resident Permit without a home state license.

    If you have a PA License to Carry Firearms you need a non-resident permit to extend your carry authority to 6 additional states including Delaware, West Virginia and Ohio which do not honor Indiana Permits. With the addition of the optional Arizona Permit you add an additional 2 States to legally carry concealed in 38 States

    June 29, 2013

    Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center
    1600 Calcon Hook Rd.
    Sharon Hill, Pa 19079
    (08:30AM Registration) Class held 09:00am to 1:30pm
    with Optional AZ requirements following


    Team Life Training: Register online at http://tinyurl.com/UtahJune2013 or call 215-310-5436 or info@team-life.org to register or with questions. Cost is $ 100.00 for Utah Course + $ 20.00 for Optional Arizona Fingerprints / Application and $20.00 for the Live Fire Option needed if you need an NRA Certificate to document evidence of Live Fire. If you may have a statutory disqualification, please call for guidance.

    You will get everything you need at the class including fingerprints, passport photo, application, verification of training and lunch will be included.