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Greetings friends of the US Shooting Academy™,

On May 24th and 25th, USSA will be conducting the USSA Tactical Rifle 930 course via our Mobile Training Team (MTT). This course will be conducted at the Creekside Firing Range located in Taylorsville, GA. The instructor for the course is veteran LEO, World-Class 3 Gun Competitor and Lead USSA Rifle Instructor Erik Lund

DO NOT MISS THIS COURSE!!! In our Tactical Handgun series we teach you to fight with a handgun, but the first thing we tell our students is that if they have a choice...bring a rifle to a fight!! Most courses teach marksmanship and shooting....this is a fighting course that emphasizes combative skills with the rifle. An intense amount of correct repetition will hone the skills needed to master the fundaments to the point where students can instinctively and confidently operate their rifle in a hostile environment. Civilians, law enforcement officers, and experienced military operators who rely on their rifle to keep them alive will benefit from the material in this course.

The techniques will include, but are not limited to:

· Basic rifle zero theories
· Basic Rifle configurations and accessories
· Fundamentals of shooting
· Positional shooting techniques
· Precision shooting techniques
· Fighting from positions of cover
· Rifle reloading techniques
· Malfunction clearance techniques
· Optic failure drills
· Secondary weapon transitions
· Multiple threat engagements
· Distance shooting

Rifle (Course is designed around the AR weapons platform)
AR series (AR-15, M-16, M-4, etc.).

*Please contact USSA if you have a rifle not on this list and wish to use it for the course. The lead instructor will make a determination if the rifle is appropriate for this course.

For gear, ammunition requirements, and to sign up for the course please contact Brendan Fitzgerald at 866-441-8772 X 103.
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