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    2nd Sunday, August 9 and on August 30 a USPSA match with 6 maybe 7 stages. A little more like a state match with refreshment , cookies and working on prizes ! No classifier just run and gun. Registration starts at 9:00 Shooting starts at 10:00 cost $25.00. If 7 stages it will be around 180+rounds, if only 6 stages about 150 +rounds. Club is The Warsaw Rifle and Pistol Club goto club website for a map Warsaw Rifle and Pistol Club

    Sunday, August 2nd, 2009 NPCCC (North Porter County Conservation Club) will host a special USPSA all classifier match, start 9am Central Time.
    This is a classifier match, all 8 stages will be classifiers. Match fees for this special, classifier match will be $20. Signup begins at 8:30am with a shooters' meeting at 8:55am.

    Anyone that belongs to USPSA and not classified here is your chance. For directions goto club website North Porter County Conservation Club in Chesterton, Indiana it's near Chesterton Indiana off 49.
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    I do not know this group, but if you have never shot a USPSA/IPSC match...DO IT! I have met some very fine people at these matches including the legendary Ray Chapman, Dave Skinner (owner of STI) and the illustrious Dave Dawson, and Benny Hill (the shooter, not the British Comedian).

    After shooting about 4 matches and picking up on gun handling tips freely handed out by fellow competitors you will see your skills get exponentially better.