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USP Compact 9mm VS SIG P226?

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M going to pic one up in a while, is the USP enough better to justify the extra money? I prefer the USP, but don't want to drop that much if I don't have to.
I have a Beretta 92sb compact, but that's my only experience with a handgun. I'm trying to get in to them more, as I have traditionally been a rifle guy.

Any other comparable recommendations are welcome.

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Honestly, I have never shot an H&K, I would love to see if they were actually worth the money. If I had the money to get the H&K, I probably would.
The USP and P226 are BOTH great firearms, but you pay for the privilege of ownership on both, the P226 a bit less as I think the P226 is a bit more affordable. But in truth there is a nominal advantage in the USP. I prefer the grip on the SIGs over the USP, but that is a personal preference.
Other than price, does the P226 hold any advantage over the USP?

The grip feels fine to me, best thing in my hand, other than a 1911.
I have a USPc 9mm---great pistol, fully worth the extra $$$---but if you have a choice, check out the newer HK P2000---fully ambi too!
I own both and personally I enjoy the HK more than the p226. I don't know why but I shoot better with the uspc too. You should ask yourself if you prefer a polymer frame or an aluminum frame. P226 is more "clunkier" than the uspc but then again, you are comparing a full size to compact and a plastic frame vs metal frame. You won't go wrong with either.
Didn't realize this thread was over a month old. You probably made up your mind by now.
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