Usp .45

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Nismo_GTR, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Nismo_GTR

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    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with one, I was looking at getting one as my first handgun, I've shot .45's before not a big fan of the 1911's or the "striker" fired ones out there, I want a double action that has quality that HK is known for.
  2. JonM

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    i had one of the first production hk usp waaay back. good shooting gun but too big for a 45 the damn thing felt more like a desert eagle.

    my favorite da/sa 45 is my sig p220 with stamped slide. there are different versions of the 220. the newer ones are forged stainless i dont think they are any better or worse than the older ones

  3. ZombieKiller83

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    I'd also recommend looking into an FNH .45. I have had some trigger time with that gun and i must say very nice piece for the price. Never had a chance to touch a USP .45 so can't help you there.
  4. M14sRock

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    I had a USP Tactical in .45.

    Reliable, accurate, durable.

    But it just never "felt" right. The ergos were minutely wrong for me, so after trying to warm up to it for over a year, I sold it back to the friend I got it from.

    The FNP is head and shoulders above the USP for me. And a way better deal.
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  5. AznZOhAn

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    I'm gonna go with Jon on this, the sig p220 is a great da/sa. Reliable, accurate, and feels good. I had a USP 45 full size, and it is easily the biggest pistol I've ever owned. Very unergonomic and bulky, it did shoot ok and it shot no matter what I put in it. The only plus I see on USP is capacity, but you can get that from Glock, FN, XD, or S&W M&P.

    Its made open carry cause you can't hide, should have large hands to hold the gun and operate the safety and mag release. If your taking it to war and you got the hands for and it feels comfy for I say go for it, but it's just not for me.
  6. Nismo_GTR

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    Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it. I took a good look at the Sig and FN but I'm going to go with the USP as I first thought, the 20 round magazine is just too much to give up for a lighter/more compact .45 specially single stack ones. I will be getting the Sig later on down the line, it feels wonderful in the hands and compared to the USP its more compact.