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    Hopefully there is someone out there with some experience in loading ammo with the XDIE that can answer a question for me.

    I was given a large quantity of once fired commercial .308 brass and I have completed the first sizing in RCBS small base die, trimming to 1.995 and then setting and resizing all of it in the small base XDIE.

    Now all this brass will be loaded for my three M1A's.

    I have loaded ammo for over 35 years but i have never loaded to specific individual rifle headspace requirements. I understand how its done and will be loading for each of the three M1A's for accuracy enhancement.
    The question is about setting the XDIE mandrel once I have measured a quantity of fired cases for each rifle with the precision mic.
    When I set the die for proper headspace sizing, it will be up off the shellholder by two to three thousandths based on individual headspace readings. Am I supposed to turn the mandrel back down to where i feel hard resistance again just like the instructions specified on the initial sizing? This is where I kind of lost it.
    It seems like I should in order to stabalize the length of the case. This die is supposed to eliminate any further trimming. It is also supposed to lengthen the useable life of cases dramatically when fired in the M1A or M1 Garand. I normally limit my firings to four but some of the articles I have read about the XDIE state that some cases have lasted to almost 20 firings. I don't think I want to take it that far and risk a case head separation especially when allowing the rifle to strip ammo out of the magazine.
    Thanks in advance!!
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    I would call RCBS and get it from them. they are nice and will answer any question you have about their products.