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    hey there, my situation is i am looking to get rid of my handgun and look to purchase another one. i currently have a px4 storm and i shot a springfield xdm and a glock and shot alot better with both oddly enough. i find myself better off getting money for my pistol to purchase another one. my question is are there people here (im sure there is) that has used gunbroker to sell their gun and i just want to know how complicated it is for someone to sell their pistol on. i did some research on it, it doesnt seem too hard, but as far as me not being an FFL does that mean anything, or do i just have to send it to an FFL in the area that someone purchases it from, and receiving payment and them covering shipping... how does that work. i just want to make sure before i went ahead and threw my gun on gunbroker that some people on here could give me a pointer or two. thank you for your time everyone!
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    Its easier than you think.

    Make sure in your ad that you make it clear for the buyer to make sure that their FFL will accept from and individual because you will be sending it. (Cuts down on $ having to ship it from your FFL to theirs)

    Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Let them know if their is any scratches, nicks, pitting, anything that they would complain about. They will come back to you complaining about it if you dont let them know up front. More than likely bed feedback.

    Last thing that I can think of this early in the morning is to put in your ad "its is your responsibility to make sure you can own this in your state." Or something to that affect. There are alot of ban laws out there.


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    While I don't know how much, I do know GB charges you a commission on the sale. Why not sell it locally or put it on consignment at your local gun shop?

    Hopefully you're aware that handguns have to be shipped FedEx or UPS at next day air rates. Also, many dealers will not accept a shipment from a private individual which is another hassle to overcome. Also, aren't handguns in Michigan "recorded" in some fashion by the local Sheriff? Points to ponder...
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    You might look for a local firearms forum and try selling it there first. I don't know Michigan's law, and you should look into it yourself before doing this, but most states allow individuals to buy and sell guns without government involvement, and allow shipping between individuals within the state.

    Shipping can still be a hassle. Refer to NGIB's post about carriers. But you might get lucky and find someone you can make a face-to-face deal with.

    If you don't find a local forum, you could try selling There's a marketplace area for just that purpose.

    It costs you nothing to try selling it here or on another forum. I suggest posting it on several forums (it's polite to state that in your ad, BTW). Then spend a couple of days researching gunbroker. If you haven't gotten a nibble on a forum, you'll be ready to post it on gunbroker.
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    thanks for the tips everyone, i posted it on here to see what kind of bites i get. hopefully it goes through this way! thanks again.
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    Any time I decide to sell a pistol, I usually put the ad on the forum that is primarily concerned with that brand of pistol. In your case, the Beretta forum.
    There are always people looking for a particular firearm.

    (I am one of those people because I am always loioking for something a little bit better. )

    Try River of Guns

    There are all kinds of tools to use on that webpage but for you, type in "Beretta PX4" in the search item and check the "search for wanted to buy" box directly under the search box. Then hit search.

    I just did it and there are a bunch of people looking for both full size and compact PX-4s