Using Cerrosafe?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by Trez, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Ive decided to cast the chamber on my Arisaka as im having problems recently with it messing up the brass...
    I have the instructions, just wondering if anybody has some hints or tricks I can use... Any suggestions what to use to block the bore with? It says to use a flat cleaning jig with a cotton cloth, but I dont have one...
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    How much can a flat jag cost?$1.50? If you live 90 miles from town I can see the problem, but...

  3. hiwall

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    I have always just used a patch or piece of rag with no jag. I've done many with no problems. Follow the easy instructions and you will be fine. No matter what you do I don't see a way anyone can cause permanent damage to a gun using Cerrosafe.
  4. rockywyo

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    Don't leave it in the chamber for more than 20min. It can be very difficult to remove. It shrinks for the first 30 min. of cooling to allow its removal from the chamber. It then expands back to the chambers size for about 200 hours, allowing the casting to be measured with great accuracy. After 200 hours it then expands roughly .25% so never make your measurements after that time period. U can emagine the problems that could create. Don't ever overfill past the chamber. If there is any overhang it can be very tough to get out. If it ever does get stuck you can take a heat gun or a blow dryer and warm your chamber untill it slides out. Never use a flame because it can effect the finish on your gun. Plan ahead. Tape off your trigger group. You don't want foreign material stuck inside. It can cause unsafe conditions. You can also go to the SAMMI website and print off your bullet and chamber dimensions so you have a good guideline.
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