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    My bro-in-law died recently and my sister gave his two .22 rifles to my father. My Dad asked me to find out what they're worth. One is a Winchester Model 67A Single Shot. The other is a Stevens Model 56 bolt action with a scope. Both are in pretty good condition. Anyone have any idea what they might be worth? And how much would a dealer pay for them?
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    The price that you would get from a dealer is very different from what you would get by selling them to an individual.

    I would guess that your rifles are worth around 150 each without seeing pics or a better description of the condition.
    A dealer might give you 75 dollars on it.
    The Winchester might be worth a little more since there are more collecters out there.

    My books set a top price for the Stephens 5-shot bolt action at ~200 dollars for very good condition. This book is a 2004 edition so I would add 50 to 100 dollars to that. More likely it is worth between 100 and 200 dollars to an individual.
    The winchester:
    there were several models.
    The rarest (marked "For Shot Only") has a highest price of 1200 but more likely 300 to 700.
    The most common version is listed at a high of 200 and a low of 75.
    This model ceased production in 1963 and were not serialized for US sales. They were serialized if they were to be sold out of the US.