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  1. 7point62

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    Do any of you use the sling in your shooting? I learned to shoot long range with the sling in offhand, sitting & kneeling at 200, 300 and 500 yards, and still use it for distance shots even when hunting.


    I know you old Marines snapped-in with that M1 or M14 sling tightened like a tourniquet :cool:
  2. 70cuda383

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    I don't use a sling while shooting. wasn't trained that way. but, the M-16/M4/AR-15 platform used in today's combat zone isn't really a long distance weapon system. if standing up, it's typically because you're moving and engaging in close range targets like clearing a building or traveling up a city street--not exactly precision work. long range shots usually mean you have cover to hide behind and "go prone" with...even if it's more of a modified kneeling.

    but now that I have a .308 bolt action, I have a new skill set to learn. first 15 shots I've fired through it have me at about 4" at 100 yards. pathetic in my opinion, but I have a lot to go through with a new to me, unknown rifle...clean barrel, scope mounts, plus shooter skills. I may be putting on a sling and learning how to shoot with it.

  3. FrontierTCB

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    It is a very effective technique when practiced and used properly. Like stated most of today's modern tactical slings cannot be used in this manner but that is not what they are designed to do.
    Thanks for the reminder. I'm sure a lot of younger shooters either never learned or had forgotten about the technique.
  4. montveil

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    The use of a sling will definitely enhance your marksmanship
    The hasty sling is beat used from standing or stalk hunting while the loop sling is best used from a stationary positions of kneeling, sitting, prone.
    A great place to learn about slings, marksmanship and have a great time shooting is at an at an Appleseed shoot. They have great coaching and if you are ex military you will recognize the course of fire without a DI over your shoulder.
  5. locutus

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    The sling is great for target shooting.

    But I find that I can usually find a solid rest in less time that it takes to get into a proper sling.
  6. Trez

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    I have one of the M1907 slings on my M1903.. My favorite rifle and sling.... :) (Until I get that Garand anyways... ;) )
  7. cottontop

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    I use the sling when shooting, but I don't use it properly. I just wrap it around my left arm and it helps secure ans steady the rifle.
  8. c3shooter

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    With 30 cal weapons, can work great.

    With SOME of the 5.56 weapons, the barrel is slender enough that using a deliberate sling can (temporarily) bow the barrel, and move the point of impact.
  9. kaido

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    This "young buck" enjoys using his sling. I've got one on my SKS and I enjoy taking standing shots. I haven't got one on my hunting rifle, but I've thought of adding one.
  10. Jagermeister

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    I wrap the sling around my forearm up to my wrist. I find that this keeps my CZ-550 synthetic very steady on drive hunts. Other than that, I do need a sling since I hunt from high seats that have something to place your rifle on.
  11. Gonzilla

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    I haven't used a sling for shooting in a LONG time. Shooting slings are hard to come by outside of competition 22.

    Does anyone have any good links toward a hunting sling ? Low cost competition one ?
  12. montveil

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    +1 on attaching a sling to the barrel.
    Free float the barrel and fasten the sling to the stock.

    If one wants a sling to shoot with make sure it is one that can be adjusted as in the video I posted earlier as most slings are made for carrying and not shooting
    A GI sling that is 1 1/4 inch in WIDTH can be purchased for under $20 They are temporally out of stock but they can be had elsewhere. THEY TAKE 1 1/4 INCH SWIVELS.
    You will notice marked accuracy using a sling properly and it will allow one to more effectively use the sitting position where vegetation is tall.
    A sling in a sitting position will nearly be as accurate as prone
    I have a cotton one and mark the strap with a felt marker to reference the different lengths for the positions. Each body is different so one length will not fit all positions.
  13. yazul42

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    I have used a sling for about as long as I can remember,, my father used to shoot high poweed rifle shoots with an 03/A4 and taught us to use the sling for better stability and help with trigger control,, less stress on the shooting hand. And of course the PMI's and Drill Instructors on Parris Island definitely taught the use of the sling,,,the dreaded sling palsey as I'm sure you old Jarheads remember. I use mine from my Hawken .54,, and old bow string,, to my heavy rifles. They help me and can normally help most folks.I believe you can still get the old military styled leather adjustable slings from Brownell's.

    Good shooting,
  14. Sgt_Skrb_25

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    Used in the Marines too. Never tried it on my weapons at home. I know it works. I see people trying to do it, but they don't wrap it right.
  15. jjfuller1

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    yes, i have a lot of rifles with slings. sometimes they are used, other times not depending on the situation.

    and yes i have the old style sling for my AR-15 for when i really want to be stable.

    and the tourniquet quote made me laugh.. i remember my shooting instructor saying it..

    old marines? in 05 it was still being taught
  16. I have a sling on any of my rifles which are shot off hand. But I don't use the arm-cuff type sling arrangement, except for High Power rifle. I use a hasty sling arrangement for offhand and kneeling.
  17. MOshooter

    MOshooter New Member

    I won't take a rifle in the woods without a sling,yes I take every advantage to make that first shot count be it a sling,tree trunk,fence post,and other shooting anchors.
  18. longunner

    longunner New Member

    Never seen this be done before...guess I'm still very much a n00b :embarrassed:
  19. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Don't be embarrassed- a lot of folks were never taught a sling is for more than carrying a rifle.

  20. Intheshop

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    Use them with off-hand practice.Whichever "style" sling or method you use....try to get consistent pressure on it.That's one of the beauty's of slings......over say a hard rest.You can "feel" the pressure that's being applied to it.

    This is why you shouldn't rest your rig,hard against a tree trunk/branch....instead,use your hand as a buffer.You can then feel the pressure.

    Also on cheap plastic stocks(you know who you are,haha) the forend flex.On some rifles theres so much rubbery-ness to the forend that even though it may be free'll actually bounce enough to get barrel SLAP.This can also happen with sling use.