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  1. Curt

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    Has anyone heard of the US Concealed Carry Association and are they above board.

    They offer an insurance policy with membership for Legal Defense if a member is involved in a self defense shooting.


  2. CGS

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    I know I am revitalizing an old thread, but I thought it was important to share. I think self defense insurance is a good idea for those whom can afford it. However there are numerous companies out there and each of them are different. I wrote an article about the different companies and put together a comparison chart. Selecting Self Defense Insurance - Alpha Koncepts

    I also think everyone should have a criminal defense attorney on speed dial. I ask in my concealed carry classes who has an attorney on speed dial and maybe 5% put their hands up. I then ask if this attorney is their criminal defense attorney or they divorce lawyer. I pass out a list of criminal defense attorneys who are #2a friendly in area, in all my concealed carry classes.

    Furthermore not only should you have that attorney on speed dial, but share that attorney contact information with your significant other, best friend, siblings, and parents. "This is the person you call if I ever get in any trouble."