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    Don't know if this is the correct forum, but I just wanted to post a head's up on this questionable company. I placed an order back in October and USA Ammo right away charged my credit card, but as of today still no merchandise. I have called several times, e-mailed (with no replies), and all I get is excuses: "we have moved and we don't know when your order may ship". Several times I tried calling and their voicemail inbox was too full to leave a message. On the couple times I did get through a sleepy voice simply answered "hello?" Please stay away from this questionable on-line merchant. I think they've hosed me and I doubt I'll ever see my order. I can only try (2 months late) to work through credit card company.

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    Ouch! I hope your credit card works it out for you. If it helps, i have had no problems with the people at; maybe they can fill an order when you get your money back.

    Is this them:

    Contact USAammo:
    Customer Service
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    I had the same problem with Surplus Planet 360! After two months of not getting answers to email and phone messages left I decided to report it on the BBB. In less than two days I had gotten a reply via email and BBB promising they would deliver no later than three days. Needlessly to say, I have not gotten anything from them for weeks. I reported them again to BBB. And this time, two months after they had debited my account, I reported them to the bank I do business with. And, lo, and behold! the bank had gotten my money back, plus an acknowledgment by the company that they are being debited. The company acknowledged the transaction without a whimper. And my account with the bank was restored. :)