US Sharps Rifle Co Meriden Conn.

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  1. Beaumont

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    Can anyone give me some information regarding this rifle.
    Its a sharps rifle made by, I think us sharps rifle co Meriden conn.
    Its a very nice rifle to see in a very good condition, and shoots very well ( so it told by the owner )
    Can anyone give me a idea, what menufacturing date is? Is it a blackpowder or nitro rifle and what may cost this rifle?
    It has a beautiful brass scope on it.

    Every information is welcome, or maybe you can point me in the right direction to look.

    Regards Ad Opheij
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  2. rightbrainer

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    There's one in my local shop

    It has the Creedmoor sights and it's sort of plain. They want US$750. I can't find any info in any of my books about it.