URGENT gun safety lesson from NFAC! you MUST WATCH THIS!

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    If that guy says you'll blow your head off when you sit down and the bolt closes and chambers a round. My only question is who sits down with their AR and keeps the bolt locked open and a loaded magazine in? Why not just leave the bolt closed to start with and a loaded magazine in, regardless if its chambered or not, but the bolt stays closed. I always leave my bolt closed unless I'm shooting, bolt locks open and I'm changing magazines.

    Other then that, don't know why else you leave the bolt open.
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    He's got a point. Just yesterday, I heard a pop in the other room, it was my .38 Smith and it was in a bad mood. My shield 9mm went off when I was in the shower just last week.

    Be careful, people. Guns kill, not ignorant protesters that don't know gun safety rules or how they operate.

    -- green text off --
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    NFAC. Wasn't that the group that recently demonstrated in Louisville (KY) ... where three NFAC gatherers got shot?

    Three Injured as Rival Militias Converge on Louisville @ The Daily Beast, 7/25/20.

    Haven't seen, yet, any info about the person who did the firing, accidental and unintentional though it was initially claimed.
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    Did the bolt go forward and load a round, and the hammer at the same time. It would not fire with just the bolt moving forward, unless it had a fixed firing pin.
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    What an idiot.
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    The SKS had firing pin issues but I have not heard of any with the AR. I did have an AR milspec trigger go binary and that is a little disconcerting when you are not expecting it.
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    That was absolutely astounding. The last time I heard THAT much misinformation on guns at one sitting, it was from a Democrat congresscritter. So he got his first AR back in 1990. Wow! I AM impressed! That was the year after I retired from the US Army.

    "Grandmaster Jay" does not appear to know WHAT a bullpup IS (his AR is not) feels that firing one will "knock you down" (please don't tell my grand daughter- the one on active duty with the issued M4) and equates a bolt closing with a rifle firing (then you need to see a gunsmith soonest). As far as a Basic Trainee being killed EVERY DAY (his emphasis) from mishandling a firearm- 23 years of service, recall investigating ONE unintended discharge on a firing range. Not fatal.


    Yeah, that is quite a load of manure right there. But it is neither my job nor my responsibility to smarten up a chump- and I DO believe that evolution should be allowed to run its course....
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    Oh yeah, the open bolt firing AR....

    I'd rock one
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    These NFAC's are mentally like little kids and throw out a lot of shuck and jive. He even called it a bullpup rifle. o_O:D
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    This reminds me more of what is spewing out of his mouth. :)
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    So this guy was in the military and had basic training?o_O

    I worked with a couple different National Guard guys one talked a little about some their training (Nebraska) on manuvers they slept with their weapons, even tied them to themselves with paracord.
    Never heard of the guard guys having negligent discharge's
    I afer watching the movie Full Metal Jacket, I could just imagine what would happen if you did have a negligent discharge.
    That would bring down all sorts of hell on yourself, the group as a whole would view you with suspicion.

    I had a few uncles in the service.
    The mid 1950's national guard uncle was a machinegunner.
    I just assumed he knew about handling weapons and proper storage.
    Was 34 years later I borrowed his shotgun to hunt pheasant.
    His old winchester pump from highschool still had a live round in the chamber! That kinda surprised me, good thing I checked first.:eek:
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    if troops in basic were in the habit of negligent dischargery, you would never hear the end of it from Democrats
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    Hmm, I don't remember my like 13 year old daughter getting knocked down ?
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  15. schnuffleupagus

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    We had a guy in our unit in 84-85 have an ND during a live-fire exercise in Panama, practicing bounding overwatch. The bullet entered the ground about 5' away from a full bird Colonel.
    Our company commander had us, ALL OF US, perform the exercise at MOPP level 4.
    My mask was FILLED with sweat.
    Naturally, the guilty trooper was "tuned up" very neatly. He turned into a good Ranger.
    Hm, the stuff you remember after 35 years.
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    The only "negligent discharge" i heard of in my time was at Gunners's Mate "A" School, where supposedly someone ran a dummy Standard missile up on the rail and accidentally hit the "dud eject" which launched the blue training missile out the window on to the Admiral's car. Supposedly happened in the early 80s/late 70s. Dud eject was disabled when I got there...On board ship never saw anyone have a negligent discharge with any firearm, and we did not get the highest of high speed small arms training, or course. I DID see one certified moron manage to drop a 1911, holster, pistol belt and spare mag pouch into 180 feet of water. EOD swam down to pick it up and we got to watch that idiot learn how to strip a 1911 down to the frame to clean it VERY thoroughly. Had to wear freaking pistol lanyards after that...
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    On the video it was about being bad *** and posturing. The rifle was just a prop for play acting.
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    Unintentional discharge
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    My brother was an MP Captain in the Army. He said that six months wouldn't pass without some new MP, after their duty shift, would clear their 1911s by checking clear, dropping the magazine, and de-cocking by pulling the trigger, leaving a hole in the floor....