UPS: now I know what the brown color symbolizes...

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  1. bleak23

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    I sold a handgun at gunbroker and took it to the UPS main shipping center nearby. The dick head... excuse me... the Mexican working class hero peasant clerk told me it would be $93 to overnight it. I told him I didn't want to overnight it; just send it ground and he said that I "had no choice."

    Fedex shipped it for $15 today. The only problem was the lady clerk didn't even know the laws for shipping guns. She had to ask someone in the back and even though I heard him say it was OK, she said they had to call someone because she "didn't want to loose her job." I'm like, WTF? is wrong with y'all? Don't you even know your own business? This is supposed to be Texas, not NY or Kali, fer chrissakes and there's a gun range right down the street!

    So, anyway, I will only do business with Fedex from now on for all my shipping needs. But the whole experience leaves a very sour taste. I'm thinking of reporting the UPS clerk.
  2. moonpie

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    Good luck with fudex. When they deliver to my house i have to walk the neighborhood till i find it.

  3. TekGreg

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    Bleak,it could be worse. This is what happened in my neck of the woods. Even in the most gun-friendly states there are problems because urban dwellers are no longer familiar with firearms and schools are making the gun the evil object in all cases of teaching. Some schools have even gone so far as to have "Toy Gun Buybacks." Until we turn this tide of the gun as the cause of crime, this will continue.
  4. c3shooter

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    Well, Bleak- got some bad news for you. Both FedEx and UPS have tariffs (their shipping rules) that require that HANDGUNS be shipped Next day Air. Hence the high $$$$.

    However, a Dealer or Manufacturer can legally MAIL a handgun to another dealer/ manufacturer. Usually cheaper to find a dealer who will mail it for you. Private citizens cannot legally MAIL a handgun in the US Mail.
  5. DrumJunkie

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    Brown is still better than DHL, those idiots have delivered to me twice..Well..Once they had to call to get directions the second time they called to ask if I could pick the package up at a local Dollar General store because they couldn't find me. I am like three miles and one left turn from that Dollar store...
  6. TekGreg

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    Those Chinese GPS units just aren't as good as the others! :eek: :rolleyes: :D
  7. therewolf

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    Well I got some bad news for y'all.

    Fed-Up, United Pot Smokers, USPS,

    They all SUCK. A favorite schtick is

    to quickly and accurately deliver

    ANYTHING worthless. Yanno, that

    frilly 17$ piece of crap from

    Woman Without or the Blair Witch

    Catalog, gets there in two days, no problem.

    But something with a priority, like a gun,

    legal document, or 1600$ worth of car audio gear?

    THEN you get to play the shipping version of

    Lost In Space. I've had documents wind up back

    where they were shipped from, and a set of speakers

    travel 11,500 miles, from a shipper 2900 miles away.

    Both took OVER THREE WEEKS to reach terminal


    My advice is:ALWAYS insure the gun for three times it's

    value. THEN when they scroo the pooch, you can yank

    your shark hook, barb sideways, right out of their

    management's a$$.

    Once it's insured, I'm like, "PLEASE lose the package,

    I hear Aruba is nice, this time of year."
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  8. Doc3402

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    I had UPS refuse to ship a handgun saying it was against the law. It was my Kimber, and they flat out refused to ship it. I took it to the selling dealer and they called UPS to come get it. The dealer shipped it to Kimber for nothing, but I had to pay the state fees when it was returned to me. I tried to take UPS to Small Claims Court to recover the $30 in unnecessary fees, but a couple days after the case was filed I got a call telling me they were going to settle the claim.
  9. mountainman13

    mountainman13 New Member

    Yep. They all suck. I got in a yelling match at the ups terminal. The guy told me you can't ship guns.
    Bullsh!t I've done it more than once at this very location. Here's the Fu$%ing FFL. Doesn't matter you can't ship guns. I spoke to his manager and then took the guns and left.
    Every single time I went to the post office the woman at the counter would announce out loud.
    Oh how Nice It's the gun guy again. Don't ever bring me a rifle.
    Because She was easier to deal with than ups I never told her to shut the Fu$& up and do her job.
    And fedex. Don't even get me started. I was waiting 4 days for some very expensive guns to come in. Keep in mind they have to be signed for. I got fed up and called about them and was told they had been delivered. After an argument with the dipsh!t on the phone I decided to check the mailbox. Not only were they not signed for, they weren't even left in the mailbox. $3000+ worth of guns left out for anyone to grab for 3 days. Wtf
  10. rockratt

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    Good luck with your decision. As bad as UPS can be they still beat Fed EX by far around here. There is a Fed Ex terminal and huge office complex about a mile from where I work and we only ship with them if we have too....
  11. Quentin

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    Even gun parts can be hard to ship. The UPS Stores nearby refused to ship an AR bolt carrier group which isn't a firearm at all. I never said it was a gun part but the address to Palmetto State Armory gave it away (at two stores). Thought I'd have to drive it to the next town to the UPS hub until I realized I could schedule a pickup. No problem giving it to the guy in the brown truck.
  12. Bootsdeal

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    It's called the typical American worker - they don't give a crap. There's no such thing as personal pride, integrity, honesty, and courtesy any more. America is quickly filling up with worthless losers.
  13. jeepnjonny

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    I drove for FedEx ground for the last 4 years. I delivered a lot of firearms and ammo. Yes they are all adult signature required.

    I have heard horror stories on both sides. And I have had problems with both sides. One thing I did find though was that FedEx cared more about their customers and shippers than their drivers. There has been more than one time where customers have called in a false claim and it cost me money. (FedEx ground is all operated by contractors. No benefits no nothing. We are just box humpers)
    Ups on the other hand( in my experience) cares more about their drivers. I also run a side business from my house and I have had a lot of product go missing that I ordered. I understand when you are expecting something that a customer needs and it gets lost or smashed. FedEx has better customer service in my experience.
    I Managed 5 routes and 6-7 drivers and covered a lot of rural Idaho. For me the job was not difficult but for others it was the hardest thing they have ever done. Sometimes it is hard to get schedules matched up(delivering wine was always a pita) and a lot of time you just can't fix stupid.
    I did my best to provide great service where ever I went and I made a lot of friends by doing so. (Multiple lgs and getting ammo) but some people don't understand how to work and provide quality service and it sucks to be in their path.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is there are good and bad services every where. But I did my best to be the best.
    sometimes trying to get a phone number of your local drivers can go a long way and not blowing up at them. (Try not to be a dick customer) I know you have been wronged but try to be the better person. And going somewhere else often will help.

    Guess that's the end of my preaching.
  14. DaughterofAres

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    0 - CURIOUS how come you don't use the United States post office?? The Canada post man delivers the guns we order from the US... Although we think he drives around with them for a few days just to be cool! lol! It is nerve wracking waiting.
  15. Steel_Talon

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    AFAIC, I'm good with overnight firearm shipping and the cost of. It gives less opportunity for it to lay around and get cough ("stolen") er Lost. "Overnight" means the package is pretty much in constant motion.
  16. robocop10mm

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    If Fedex shipped for $15 that was NOT next day. They violated their own policy. Both initiated the "next day" policy because the longer a package is on their hands, the higher the probability it will get lost (stolen by one of their employees).
  17. ellis36

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    When we return NetFlix movies via the post man rather than dropping them directly in the big blue pick-up box, it takes an extra day to get the replacements. We strongly suspect he takes them home overnight and watches them.
  18. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    for about two years, i was a private contractor doing maintenance and repair on UPS trucks at night. i saw first hand the amount of theft going on in the delivery hubs. cell phones, flat screen TV's, laptops, Ipods, smart phones and many other things as well. two things stood out, one, at UPS, they put very little effort into trying to catch the offending parties and two, even when they did, they offerd them the choice to resign or get fired. a choice! not hauled off in handcuffs and getting prosecuted for theft, but the opportunity to resign! Wow! and to top that off, if they resigned, six months later they could reapply for their job back.

    they had close circuit cameras in the center, but they were never on. if a shipper or client complained, they just filed a claim and paid them off on the insurance for the items. i saw many times a customer would have to file a claim several times to get compensation for their lost, broken or stolen items.

    most of the thefts occured in the morning, when the freight trucks delivered the packages to the center and they were being sorted to the proper trucks for the route they were intended for. this is the busiest time of the day with the most people in the center at one time. this was in a small town UPS center and ther would be usually about 35-45 people there and things still just walked out.
  19. clr8ter

    clr8ter New Member

    Well, OP, looks like you owe Mr. ******** Mexican an apology! As far as I was aware, C3 is right, overnight only, high price. Here's my (wife's) FEDEX story; one day she was driving home, and she got behind a Fedex truck, and a package fell off the back. She ran it over. The truck kept going, so she picked it up, and took it to the address the guy had just picked it up from. She says the guy wasn't too thrilled. LOL.
  20. orangello

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    I heard some interesting stories from my night class students about the FedEx sorting center in Memphis. I had a lot of students who worked there; they would finish class, grab some grub and go start their shift at 10PM or so. They called each other "throwers".

    Of course, a UPS driver literally threw a case of ammo I had ordered about 10 feet to the door one day. I have everything delivered to the office now.