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  1. WoodysKJ

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    I am sitting here looking at Stag Arm's catalog and Gonna oder one of their flat top uppers to go on a Stag Lower I have for a Hog *** Kicker I am building.

    Question I have is in their catalog under the uppers it states "M4 Feed Ramps Available upon Request."

    Can somebody explain and show me to me what a M4 Feed Ramp is and why I would want or not want it for the bull barrel gun I am building. Aren't the feed ramps on the barrel extension?

    Pics are always a huge help.

  2. Sniper03

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    Yes M-4 feed ramps at on the Barrel Extension. And yes you want the M-4 Feed Ramps. What caliber are you speaking of for your new rifle. Personally I would not even think of owning an AR without the M-4 Feed Ramps. And in the present day have never heard of any of the present manufacturers in the 5.56/223 Cal. even offering without them.
    Stag is a good company as well as Rock River, LMT, Bushmaster, Spikes and others.


  3. WoodysKJ

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    I have 3 stripped Stag Lowers, yes I said 3. I got them at my LGS for 95.00 each, Could not resist. (Consecutive SE#'s Too)

    Wanna build a gun with their MAIN parts. I have the lower(s) and I am gonna go with their Flat Top Upper and their 24" Bull Barrel. The Barrel has the extension installed and pinned and gas port drilled. But in their catalog the say that M4 Feed Ramps are available in the Upper Receiver Assemblies, and I am confused.

    Gonna go with a Geissele Trigger, and some good glass.

    Gonna order that Upper soon and I am confused by their catalog.
  4. JonM

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    M4 feed ramps came about because of the m4 carbine's issues with reliable feeding in full auto applications. they also improve the ability of ar15's in general to feed from magazines that are getting a little worn. the short sharp impulse of the carbine gas system is why they are needed in full auto carbines. semi auto its not much of an issue one way or the other.

    if the option is in your budget go for it, it cant hurt and will only help.
  5. Quentin

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    Remember that M4 feed ramps also are on the upper receiver. No problem as long as you're buying an assembled upper but guys get in trouble when piecing together an upper. On a 24" barrel they aren't necessary but shouldn't do harm either.
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    The M-4 ramps are on the upper and barrel extension. If you are buying a complete upper all build than you wont have to worry. If you are building and just buying the upper receiver to build your own you need to make sure you get the ramps on both or neither.

    Like stated above, the ramps are a cutaway in the upper and the barrel extension that help improve feeding reliability. If you are building you own upper you can use a m4 ramps on the barrel extension and not the receiver and will probably not suffer with any issues, there will just be a small void on the inside where the two meet. Don't use M-4 upper and not barrel extension, there will be a lip where the two meet and probably will cause feeding issues. If you are really good with a dremel you could notch the inside of your receiver to match the barrel extension but not really advised if you don't know what you're doing. Its best to just match the two and not suffer any frustrating issues after the build.. The pic below is with ramps.
  7. WoodysKJ

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    THIS is what I needed. Although I had already figured this out. I looked at my older SP-1 and then at the AR I just built with a M4 Upper and the difference was VERY clear.

    The barrel I have is not Notched as to be able to have extended feed ramps as seen in the above pic, so I am thinking since this is not a rapid fire tactical gun, a varmint gun, I wont need the feed help. Quite the contrary, this will, with a 75-80 gr bullet loaded so my free travel is .05" I wont be running a 30 round mag through it anyway.

    Thanks all for the help.