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It's pretty simple to build the upper. The first thing is to have the right tools. An armorers wrench that can torque the barrel down, also some roll pin punches, a vice block,vice, locktite(for gas block set screws). What he needs is a forward assist assembly, ejection port cover assembly, barrel , free float quad rial,(which comes with the barrel-nut) or a different type of hand-guard),gas tube(length varies based on the barrel he buys and the gas system it was built for, like pistol, carbine, spectra, mid, or rifle length), low profile gas block( diameter is based off the barrel size again,generally a .750 gas block)gas block roll pin, and a muzzle device of his preference, bolt carrier group, charging handle. You can slap it together in 15 minutes. There are variations of the gas blocks, it base on preference, I only build with free float quad rails that cover the gas system so I use low profile gas blocks, and mount sight on the same plain flat top. Cheaper than dirt has great you tube bids on how to build. that's we're I went for my first of 11 builds to learn. It's intimidating the first time, but very simple and satisfying to know you made it.
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