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    Hey guys, I am/was new to shooting and as some of you may have read in previous posts of mine, I just bought a SIG Sauer P226 9mm. Well, it's kinda funny/sad because at first, I had some trouble loading my magazines. I was cutting myself and having thumb pain. So I ordered that UpLULA from a website. Then, the day after, after it had shipped out, I went to the range and developed a great way to do it with just my hands. I use my left thumb to push down a little on the top round and my right pointer finger to insert the new round. It's actually very easy for me now even to do 20-30 times. Coulda saved $30... :(

    But, having said that, my UpLULA has arrived and I'm wondering, does this thing load magazines correctly all the time? I understand that the cartridge should be pushed as far back as possible in the magazine. Or is it not really possible to incorrectly load a magazine? And in the long run, would it be better to load with my fingers or the UpLULA?
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    Some magazines can be loaded incorrectly (22lr's mainly, for me anyways). The way that you developed is the way I was taught (years ago).
    On the question of fingers or UpLULA, will you always have the thingamabob handy all the time?

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    I load my Glock magazines with an Uplula, because newer Glock mags (at least the Korean knock-offs) are pretty tight once 70% full. The rest of my magazine-fed guns (including a Sig) are all easy enough to fill 100% by hand, so that's how I do it. Keep that Uplula if you plan on buying more guns. At some point you'll probably be happy to have it.

    As far as rounds sitting a little too far forward at the top of the magazine, they generally have to fall back into a fully recessed position as you load more loads on top of them. As long as they're sitting straight enough it shouldn't be an issue, so long at the top (exposed) round or two are pushed all the way back when you finish loading a magazine.