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    im have been looking at getting a glock g20 10mm to carry. i dont do any comp shooting yet but i might in the future. would it seem like "overkill" to upgrade a gun i was just going to carry?
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    :) The problem is with the, 'just going to carry' part of your statement. Never forget that situations can arise where your significantly upgraded CCW pistol might end up inside a cold and drafty police evidence locker for an extended period of time without receiving any maintenance at all.

    This is part of the reason, 'Why' I use high tech grease instead of oil on my pistol's lubrication points; and, all my carry barrels are coated with long lasting and utterly waterproof Sentry Solutions, 'Smooth-Kote'. (It won't shoot out!) The rest of the pistol is periodically wiped down with Ballistol, 'Sportsman's Oil' - The best cleaner/lubricant and polymer frame rejuvenator ever invented!

    Have you thought about getting a standard 45 acp G-21? With a required steel guide rod and recoil spring weight increase of 24-26#'s, you would have, BOTH, a 45 acp and a 45 Super DUAL CALIBER pistol. You'll, also, need a relatively inexpensive and longer (+ 1" recommended) aftermarket barrel which must be ported.

    After making these changes, 45 Super performance would meet, or might even exceed, the 10 mm with an overall reduction in chamber pressure of, something like, 9,000 + psi. In a polymer frame pistol that's significant!

    You could, also, shoot heavier bullets out of the 45 Super, too. Perhaps, more importantly, BRASS will always be available for the 45. The same thing might not be true for the more exotic 10 mm. (Just something for you to think about!) ;)

    All About The 45 Super!
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