Update on my new 77/22 from Santa...

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    Went to shoot it the first time on the 12th. After dialing it in, it was shooting 2 distinct groups. One group at POA and another about half an inch from POA about 11 o clock. At first I thought it was ammo related, but thinking it is to new to make judgements I kept shooting...about 150 rds that day. It seemed to like the scrap ammo that I get from sorting range brass! All the good groups came from UMC sorted range scrap! It also shot Aquila match pretty good and Federal match. The CCI target was ok, nothing to get excited about. Winchester High velocity copper coated was shooting almost 2 inch groups! Eley purple bow was good, and blue box was a tad better. I had some Eley match in a black box that showed potential, but I was getting tired by then. I hopped online thta night looking for stock upgrades and tuning techniques...slim pickings on the stocks...McMillan makes a nice one. Boyds has some but I read some iffy articles about service....I take it with a grain 'cause you know how some of these armchair gunsmiths are! So I ordered the trigger and bolt shim kit from Lance at Trigger Shims.com. Should be here next week. Then I called Ruger to get the torque specs for the stock as I had to take it off to put in the Volq sear and extended mag release. They told me 20 inch pounds and turn back 1/4 turn for the trigger guard screw and 90 inch pounds for the action screw? My Fat Wrench says 40 for wood stocks. So I went to the range yesterday to test some theories. Cleaned it the night before, running patches only with Gunzilla CLP (got some samples at a gun show last month) Works nice with no harsh smell and biodegradble too. Sat down with Federal, CCI, Aquila, match and some CCI copper wash scrap ammo (have a little over a pint ziplock of it!). Tried out a Butler Creek straight 10 rd mag as my friend says in helps accuracy a bit as the rds feed straight up...it was also easier to load! The 11 oclock flier was gone. I had the stock torqued 40 inch pounds both screws. I tried to do the Ruger torque on the guard screw, but 20 inch lbs and 1/4 turn back makes it LOOSE! So I went with 25 "lbs and the groups seemed to even out in shape. It was kinda windy yesterday but mostly head on. Then I redid the action screw to 30"lbs...no change, 40, seemed a little more tight...then 45 and they started showing improvement! Left it at that and started shooting groups. After that was hitting the 6 inch plate at 150 yds 90%! Hard with a duplex reticle, mildot scope is going on soon! The CCI Target was the best. 2014-01-23 15.31.36.jpg I had some better groups going ..woosh! the wind blew a shot! DARN IT! Those extra holes were there already as the rangemaster didn't have a fresh board for me! This is @50 yds. Using 1 inch Target Dots. Will try playing with the torque again. VERY HAPPY WITH THIS GUN!
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    Looks like you found what the Rifle likes.

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    I have a 77/22 in 22LR, with the boat paddle synthetic stock. It doesn't shoot good groups as far as I know, but I have never gone to extensive lengths to find out. I do know, however, that the 77/22 is not known for shooting good groups, and that there is a guy over at Rimfire Central that will take the thing and make it sing. For another couple hundred. In spite of this, I have some kind of emotional attachment to the thing, and refuse to sell it.

    OP, precisely which one do you have?