Update on my issue with I.O.INC

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by jeffkaiser1989, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Well i got my gun back at the 8 week mark and it broke again in store when i went to pick it up. Long story short i got a full refund and a used Sig Sauer p238 chambered in .380 acp. Sig lives up to its reputation this gun is flawless. I went to the range today and put 100rds through it with 0 malfunctions. If you want a newer gun go to your local gander mountain and check out their selection. I bought my gun from there and they treated me well even held a box of ammo for me which i shot today lol. Point is Gander appreciates its customers and values their business. Im happy with them and i encourage others to try out gander.
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    Glad you got a gun you enjoy. I've heard great things about Sigs, although I've never been lucky enough to shoot one. I really really like the looks f the P938, though. Basically the big brother of yours.

    Enjoy! Treat her well!