unstable neighbor with a grudge against me

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  1. So last week i called the police on my neighbor whom i witnessed beating his girlfriend and now he has made threats of *taking me down with him* and he has been known to pull knives on people i was wondering what i should do to ensure i dont get cut or any legal actions or safety precautions i cant take to ensure me and my familys safety
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    #1 Always watch your six. Situational awareness at all times is key to protecting yourself. Dont let him in your personal area/bubble. Keep him at at least an arms length to give you time to react. Above all else avoidance is the best option.

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    Are you in California?

    If so, carry a ball bat and always have a ball and glove to go with it!
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    If you have a CCWP, then you already know what to do. In Kali, the threat might even be enough to get you demonstrable cause for a CCWP.
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    Sounds like a plan to me! If you have a PC and a small web cam put it at your window, he'll try to vandalize, that is how low life start to vent, you'll have a proof after the fact.
    Use web cam xp , it'll record any suspicious movement.

    I use it on my windows and check when i get home, the program upload pics to a web server, so even if everything gets destroyed you'll know who did it:cool:

    Keep a loaded tool next to you while you sleep, discuss a plan of action with your family, even with your kids, there has to be a fort or rallying point, maybe behind your bed. Good luck there are enough idiots out there to make my guts churn!
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    call the police again and make a report about the threat to "take you down with him". that way if you have to defend yourself there is a record of his persistant threats. pretty much every threat he issues should be recorded in a police report for future prosecutorial insurance. in todays world of office killings you have to remind the cops of this sort of thing and take it very serious.
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    Most courthouse websites have a public record section. Look him up and see what all he's been to court for, then you will know what you are dealing with. You will also see if there are outstanding warrants for his arrest, which you could act on with a phone call.

    Most men who beat on women usually won't mess with a man other than with mouth noises. But since you never know, have something on you at all times in case you need to protect yourself. Even a can of pepper spray that will spray 30 feet is better than nothing. Me living in Kansas, I usually don't leave the house without some type of firearm or two since we have the castle law and I have my CCW. I have a crazy neighbor that calls the sheriff if I am shooting skeet in the yard and tells them I am trying to sniper her. Every time they show up, I tell them, if I was trying to sniper her, I'd have hit her by now.

    I really feel bad for the girlfriend with someone like that. Sometimes that is a hard thing to escape from. Every time I heard voices raised over there, I'd call the police.
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    In Texas, that could be considered retaliation because you are a witness to the assault on his girlfriend. I don't know about Cali laws. Contact your local LEOs and report it.
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    The first step I would take is to see an attorney have him seek a restraining order against the moron in your behalf. If you are able to obtain one and he violates it you have him by the short hairs. Even the fact that you had applied for one would give you the upper hand in a court of law if you were forced to perform an act of violence to defend yourself and your family.

    Do not confront him; let him bring his crap to you. The more he does the stronger your position becomes.

    Yes in most cases men who routinely beat women are cowardly in dealing with men but please remember they all suffer from emotional problems and no one can safely predict what they might do. Quit a number of them are nothing more than bombs waiting to go off so above all be extremely careful until there is a permanent solution to your problem.

    A little aside. At one time I was having problems with one idiot and it got to the point that I told that if he didn’t stay the hell away form me I was going to blow his stupid head off. His retort was that I would end up in prison if I shot him. All I did was laugh in his face and say that eventually I would get out but there was no way in hell he could ever get out of his hole in the ground. That was the last I ever saw him.
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    Absolutely. I hate the idea of anyone snitching on someone but sometimes ou have no choice in order to cover your own arss. Make 100% sure that it is documented several times. If you have to go Mid-evil on his *** having that will cut the questions and speculation in half.
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    First, this asshat deserves anything bad that comes his way. If he is such a tough guy that he beats his girlfriend, he'll do real well once he finally gets the prison cell that is currently missing from his life.

    In addition to the sound advice already given here (situational awareness being #1 IMHO), I offer this:
    Carry yourself with confidence around him. Do not shrink from his provocations. I'm NOT saying to escalate anything, but to show fear or weakness to a predator is to invite more attacks. Confidence and strength do not need to be shouted, but are often much more effective carried quietly.
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    This pos sounds dangerous and cowardice. Be sure to call the police and make a report. lister to GlassHart, she is a law enforcement officer.


    Guys who hit women are a prime example of why women should arm themselves. The statistics of domestic violence on women is staggering.
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    After contacting an "leo" about your concerns, keep something handy like a
    bat, rake, snowshovel, longhandle icescraper, golf club etc, & if you do not
    like the thought of pepperspray... then think about skunk scent in a spray
    bottle or deer or elk urine! (Be creative)! Or how about a paintball gun? There
    are many non-lethal choices to choose from...But, "even touching" a person
    can be interpreted as a form of "battery" & this can also include spraying
    them with your garden hose/ hose pipe as the brits call it! Check your local
    laws, but in my case we thankfully have the "open carry law" & that was
    enough to deter my "worst neighbor ever" after he saw that I was armed!
    After that, I obtained a cwp for future encounters...but thankfully my
    problem neighbor moved to the next county soon afterward!:)
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    To quote Bruce Lee, "The best way to defend against a surprise attack is to not be surprised".
    Always be ready, make sure the local cops know he has made threats against you, and despite some recomendations here, dont refer to your "George Hayduke" (author of such classics as Get Even and Screw You) book collection.
    Do not antagonize this guy, if this ever goes South, you will want to go to court being squeaky clean, having never done anything besides reporting domestic abuse. Good luck.
  15. Update

    well he seems to not be retaliating (my gaurd isnt down though) but ive been cArrying a waxwood cane whenever i go for a walk because thats pretty much the only thing i can carry in CA :mad: :( :eek: and im keeping an eye on him. i made a report that he threatened me so hopefully i will live to see my thirtys :D
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    My advice is simple.

    Light him on fire.
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    Well, that might work!

    But so did the peppersray to his face when he climbed over my fence to
    attack me when I confronted him about teasing my dog! As he fell back
    into his yard coughing, I yelled "next time it will be lead poisoning"! A month
    later they moved to the next county & soon after that he died before his
    42nd birthday due to spending the money on cat food rather then his high
    blood pressure meds! (I knew more about them then they realized @ the
    time) as in the late 1990's cordless phones were easy to monitor & record
    with an 8 hour vidiotape!;)
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    LOL! they're still easy to monitor. I have a cordless headphones that I use on my desktop computer that has picked up cell phones and cordless phones as far as a mile away. I have a 200 channel police scanner that picked up cell calls sometimes. I've not had it plugged in for a whiule but the frequency range for cells has not changed for the major carriers in some time so I'm sure it still works.;)
  19. that seems a little immoral i know if i found out someone was monitering my calls theyd have somthing else coming
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    Nuke the SOB.

    Nothing feels better than good old-fashioned PAYBACK.