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unreliable kimber 1911

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i just recently purchased a kimber custom II 1911. i fired 9 rounds out of it and it jammed twice. when i try to chamber a round it jams as well. kimber told me that this is normal for "high end guns". i tried different ammo and different clips, with the same results. kimber told me the bugs will work themselves out. is this customary for a high end gun. a gun that doesn't fire is a worthless gun. a brand new $800 gun should not malfunction. how do you "break in" a gun that doesn't chamber a round, aand since when is this normal???
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I would take the pistol back to the dealer and show them first hand what's going on.

It sounds like you may have a 1 in 1000 "dud" gun. Kimbers should feed with any type of 1911 magazine as long as your not trying to fit a small 7 round compact magazine into a big , full size 1911 frame. It doesn't sound like that's what you're trying to do.

Best of luck to ya. I hope you get your pistol runnin right for ya.
+1 on that post.

I will always believe that for 1000.00 dollars, you should get a pistol that will fire right out of the box.
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