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unreliable kimber 1911

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i just recently purchased a kimber custom II 1911. i fired 9 rounds out of it and it jammed twice. when i try to chamber a round it jams as well. kimber told me that this is normal for "high end guns". i tried different ammo and different clips, with the same results. kimber told me the bugs will work themselves out. is this customary for a high end gun. a gun that doesn't fire is a worthless gun. a brand new $800 gun should not malfunction. how do you "break in" a gun that doesn't chamber a round, aand since when is this normal???
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OK, even though it IS normal to have break in period with most (if not all) semiautos, You deserve a perfectly functioning firearm for that kind of money. When you have a gun that's malfunctioned many times, it flat out don't instill confidence in that gun. From now on you'll always wonder if it's going to let you down or leave a bad taste in your mouth when you look at it. It's unheard of for kimber quality to be so bad that wilson mags won't fit. If it was MINE, and after paying THAT kind of money, I'd take it back or send it back to kimber NOW. When I build a 1911 from scratch, or customize a factory pistol, I'm NOT satisfied unless I have 100% reliability on ANY kind of ammo I can think of to feed it-EVEN to the point of reliably feeding an empty case straight from mag! In fact, before I'll let it go out the door, it better work EVERY time. So you DO have legimate gripe to have them make it right.
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