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Unknown Rifle... Help???

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My boyfriend was given a Rifle yesterday and the pervious owner doesnt know what it is, and we have no idea what kind or the age of it either. I havent had a chance to take it to a gun shop yet to see if they know. The rifle is stamped with a very small circle with what looks like a JV inside it then 3 6 3 6 8 then alittle bit bigger circle with two smaller circles inside it. Im attaching pictures of the rifle from different views. My camera wont take clear pictures of the stamping. The rifle is about 3 1/2 foot long. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thank you

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It is pretty hard to tell from the pics but it looks like a Mauser of some sort. Any other markings on it?
There is a small W on the side of the sight on the same side as the other stamping ( on the left side ) The barrel opening is the size of a pencil. I dont see any other markings other than some wear where a scope was attached.

Heres a picture of the stamping. Its the best I could get with this camera.
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jap rifle

thats a japanese rifle the last picture gives it away the bolt release and th grove in the receiver for the dirt cover.cant tell by picture but if the bore is about .26 it is 6.5 if bore is about .30 it is 7.7 mm.another look and the numbers are serial numbers.the circle in circle just forward of the bolt release is the arsenal that made it.does it have the crysanthem? on top of the receiver at front.
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