Unknown Revolver (1811-1892)

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    I haven't been able to Identify this through my research. I has been passed down to me through the family. On the left side of the barrel ACIER FONDU is engraved into it with an unidentifiable symbol above it. J SAGET NEW is engraved to the top of the barrel. On the cylinder is E over LG encased in an oval with an unidentifiable symbol below it. also on the cylinder is what i believe to be a crown over AF which is also on the frame above where the tip of the trigger folds to. on the front of the frame where the trigger folds to is the number 72 and on the top part of the front of the frame is the letters LF. the ELG symbol has lead me to believe the gun was made between 1811 and 1892. J SAGET NEW I believe is the blacksmith Julian Saget who worked out of New Orleans between 1841 and 1880s. If anyone could provide more information I would appreciate it.

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    ELG is a Belgium black powder proof. It appears to be a pinfire.

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    Yep- Belgian. Acier Fondu is a trademark for a type of steel. Your revolver is likely a scaled down copy of the Royal Irish Constablulary revolver. If the bore is close to .32 cal, it is probably .320 European Revolver, which is about equal to .32 Short Colt (NOT .32 S&W)
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    It is rimfire not pinfire. I have found through another forum that it is an Auguste Francotte .32 Caliber Liege Revolver. The barrel has been shorten at some time. If anyone could give me a rough estimate or possibly a link to the same gun in better condition with an estimate I'd appreciate it. I'm not interested in selling it but I would like to know how much its worth.