unjustified shooting

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    at least from a scumbag point of view...

    not sure when this occured as the link is dead but i included it from the quote off another site for copyright purposes


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    This I believe happened at a dollar general store close to where I grew up, in mobile, al. Just shows how daft people can be is all. Blows my mind.

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    If ...

    If the kid had been raised right...
    If the family took more interest in what he was up to...
    If he wasn't looking to rob someone...
    if he didn't have a GUN to someone's head

    My mother (God rest here soul) was a pretty scrappy woman...called it like she saw it. She used to say (when people got a case of the "if's" )

    If my grandmother had b$lls she would have been my grandfather,...

    That about sums it up...
  4. JTJ

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    They probably were all delivered by c section. They dont sound smart enough to find their way in or out of the birth canal.
  5. tinbucket

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    When some threeatens you, you must assume me means to do it.
    That includes pointing aagun at you. Shoot first. Don't weight the perp's troubled past and his failures and his goals. You have to defend yourself.
    This Kids family has been raised in the hood, on the corner shooting dice and ollecting their monthly check. there is a whole nother society out there that doesn't seemingly have access to the outside world and their reasoning is based on low rent tv shows of violence and people like Jessee Jackson that have a tunnel into their world. These housing projects and other Great Society ideas were to buy votes and put the trouble makers all together. They can walk deon the street but can never break out of their prison.
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    Not everyone has the imagination, intelligence, and will to conceive of a different kind of life. I dare say most people don't. Most people are content to accept for themselves whatever the living circumstances and social norms are that they were raised in and see their family and friends accepting.

    If one comes from an environment where:
    manipulating rules and financial instruments for personal gain;
    handing Jews off to the Nazis is good citizenship;
    lynching black people is an acceptable diversion from everyday life; or
    working hard and being responsible the are the norms, that's what one does.

    And if one comes from an environment where taking advantages of others, by force and/or wiles is the norm, and empathy is a weakness, that's what one does.

    Most people are herd animals. Many who aren't keep that hidden due to being beaten, or at least ridiculed, in the past by the herd for exposing their true nature. You develop thick skin and resilience, or you die. Either by your own hand or the herds'.

    I'd say after three generations you end up with a positive feed back loop so strong, escape is nearly impossible. This is one of the reasons we hosted Fresh Air Fund kids. To give them the experience that another kind life is possible and not just a fantasy on TV. Reality a better teacher than theory. Of course their parents must have something on the ball to be willing to let their kids leave and stay with strangers for a summer or two in the first place. If you don't think that's significant, imagine kissing good-by to your SMALL kids and seeing them off on a bus to who knows where for weeks at a time.

    Anyway, all this is by way of saying, in reference to the perpetuators family above, 'What else should one expect?'
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    I thought this happened over a year ago.

    Regardless. Since the mom wants to play "if" games: If her son was being held at gunpoint on his knees would she still want the CCW holder to walk away and go sit in his car?
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    I know these people are emotional over the events and that was their loved one but....

    As someone whose family has had a long and embarrassing criminal history I find it impossible to defend their deviant behavior.

    You can talk about breakdown of the family, failing to instill values, etc. What it comes down to though is you have someone literally holding a gun to someone's head. How can you overlook that behavior. Of course he got shot! If not then, eventually that behavior is going to catch up to him.
  9. GTX63

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    The people who believe in and make those kinds of statements are raising another generation in the same mentality, and it is harder to break loose from that mindset with each new wave.
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    You see this all the time these days. When some dirtbag is threatening someone with a gun and gets blown out of his socks by a good guy with a gun said dirtbag's family starts up with the usual......."He was such a good person", "He was just getting his life together", "He wouldn't hurt a soul", etc, etc. etc. It's enough to make you puke.
  11. JTJ

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    Unfortunately I have seen too many that would be glad to get rid of their little darlings for a few months or forever. There is a man awaiting trial right now for accidentally leaving his son in the car after he researched it on the net. Coincidence?? Morality in this country has definitely taken a downturn. Abortion because it is inconvenient to have and raise a child. In Oregon euthanasia is legal so they dont have to pay for expensive life saving medical treatment. :(
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    while i can understand a family in pain when their child is hurt,

    this is just a product of ignorance. if i were in their position i would get on my knees & THANK GOD that my son was not killed. THEN....explain to my son that he survived this time, next time he likely won't. ultimately, HE must change his life.

    in this circumstance, i could find no way to fault the CCW carrier who shot him (even if it had been my son). this young man was playing a dangerous game, and found out the hard way how dangerous it can be. hopefully, he learns from it...but based on the attitude of the parents, i don't hold much hope for him.
  13. robocop10mm

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    Sorry, but your kid made poor choices. He was in the commission of an aggravated Felony and got shot for his trouble. Get over yourself mom. You failed in raising him. Perhaps you tried, but you still failed. He is fery lucky he survived the encounter. The State board of corrections will supply him with colostomy bags for the duration of his incarceration.
  14. clr8ter

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    These stories piss me off. For the life of me, I don't understand why you (or others) don't automatically loose the right to sue for ANYTHING in regards to a crime you committed. Assuming you are convicted.

    There is a solution for this; shoot them, too.
  15. Tackleberry1

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    This is the product of the "entitlement society."

    Entitled to live off the work of others.

    Entitled to free services not earned.

    Entitled to walk away unharmed from a deadly situation they created.

    Keep on planting them fellas... BECAUSE LORD KNOWS THEY ARE BEYOND BEING TAUGHT.
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    I keep seeing new replies posted but can't see them when I view the thread.

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    He's 18, not a kid, he could have enlisted, instead he decided to be a thug. At that age he is 100% responsible for all his actions (Except buying his own healthcare). He's lucky he's not dead, were not lucky he's still alive! The good guy who popped him should be able to sue the POS for forcing him to use deadly force to protect others. The POS needs to spend the next 30 years thinking about what he did in a cell with Bubba and his Poo-pea-shooter!
  18. Tackleberry1

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    Euthanasia... Or "Death with Dignity" as we call it, should be legal everywhere, and unless you've watched a parent suffer through the slow drowning death that is Stage 5 Lung Cancer, please, keep your indignant attitude about euthanasia on the shelf.

  19. John_Deer

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    I can say it is hard for a kid to see a prosperous future in an area where people who draw disability are seen as "having money." The only people I knew growing up that had a college education were my teachers and a couple attorneys. Everyone else worked in a factory, a shipyard, made a living from the sea or had their own business. Most of the people I knew that would be considered wealthy came from old money.

    In that environment it is very hard to see beyond the people you are surrounded by. When a young person sees the hard road they face temptation comes from every direction. Most of the people I went to school with are in a jail or dead. Very few people in my age group had a plan when they graduated high school and made it come true. It was pure luck that I didn't end up with a bad crowd. Going to CA to enlist in the Marine Corps is what changed my life. I never would have made the connections to succeed if I had stayed in LA. I would have done my 20 years and retired. Who knows what would have happened to me if I didn't want to avoid Paris Island.

    I don't have all the answers. In fact, I don't have any answers. I do know it takes a bit of luck and a good family for a young person to control their own destiny. The few that make it out of extreme poverty to succeed are few and far in between. When someone does escape extreme poverty there is a reason they are the subject of books and TV shows.
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    The family's reaction is typical of the families of people who commit crimes of opportunity. These people grow up learning that they can get away with wrongdoing by playing the old "teacher is just picking on me because of my race/ethnic group/economic status". When little Johnny gets in trouble in school for some act of violence, disobedience, or disruption, he runs to Momma, who then goes to school and raises hell with the teacher or principal, threatening to sue, etc. So little Johnny grows up believing that he can use that same excuse to get away with adult crimes when he is an adult. So Momma is not doing him any favors when she teaches him to ignore the rules/law.
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