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    I posted once before, but now I have a photo. I have not seen a headstamp like this before.

    I found a ammo cartridge in Wyoming and can not identify the headstamp. The headstamp is a "U" surrounded by a crest. The size of the cartridge is consistant with that of a .22 caliber ammunition. If anyone has any knowledge on this including the manufacturer, time frame, or where to look to find anything about this cartridge, it would be a huge help and greatly appreciated for my project.

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    For the most basic info- appears to be a rimfire cartridge. Next time, stick a ruler in there so we can get an idea of size. While the .22 rimfire is a very common round, in years past rimfires were made in many larger calibers- 25s, 32s, 9mm, 38, 44s, etc.

    If you said headstamp was "U", my repsonse would be Union Metallic Cartridge Company- but the shield (Crest is a toothpaste) was the logo for Rheinisch Westfälische Sprengstoffwerke- or as most of us call them- RWS of Germany. I did find mention of them for whatever reason using a "U" headstamp at one time. It is now a letter "R" in that same shield.

    BTW- they are still in business- subsidiary of RUAG. You might hunt them up, and drop them a question.