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    This is an article from 2009, but thought this was so outrageous that it couldn't go ignored. Plus the other hotlinks on the page must be read to be believed...and even then you really don't :eek:


    One simple question:



    Well it seems that it DOES offend some UNNAMED MET officials who have now banned armed cops at Heathrow Airport from wearing the tiny Union Jack flag badge on their clothing. These Union flag badges have been worn to show support for British military troops. Approximately 70% of these armed cops have served in the Forces and/or have children or other family members currently serving in Afghanistan.

    Now who might you imagine would find the British flag as "offensive"? Who might be whining and complaining about it ?? -- Should we suspect muslims and their muslim wannabee sympathizers?


    Soldier badge is banned


    Published: 08 Jun 2009

    ARMED cops patrolling Heathrow Airport have been banned from wearing tiny Union Jack badges in support of British troops.

    Top brass claimed the tie-pin badges - which cost £1 with proceeds going to the Help for Heroes charity - were OFFENSIVE.

    But one officer asked: "How can the Union Jack be offensive?

    "This ruling is even more absurd coming this weekend on the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

    "We must be the only country ashamed to display our national flag."

    About 100 officers in the Metropolitan force's SO18 Aviation branch, which patrols Heathrow, bought the inch-square badges.

    Seventy per cent of them served in the Forces and many have children fighting in Afghanistan.

    Another cop said: "We're wearing the badges with pride. Most importantly, they are to show support for our soldiers at war.

    "Nobody has put out orders to remove rainbow symbols that gay and lesbian officers wear. Why discriminate against us?"

    A statement from the Met said: "The dress code states only approved corporate badging may be used."

    'Soldier' badge is banned | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys

    Clearly muslims have made an issue - worldwide - of crosses - or any object bearing any form of a cross (including National flags) as being offensive to them and clearly many dhimmis are tripping over each other to pander to these muslims -- here are just a few instances:

    -A Labour minister has sparked controversy by claiming that an alternative symbol is needed for the Red Cross because of the logo's supposed links to the Crusades. Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant wants to replace it with a red "crystal".

    JAIL bosses have sparked fury by banning a cross from their new chapel in case it offends Muslims....But while the room features heated spas for Muslims to wash their feet, there is only a portable Christian altar which can be wheeled in and out when necessary.

    Turkish lawyer files complaint with Union of European Football Associations stating that the Inter Milan's team shirts consists of a big red cross on a white background. This has apparently reminded the Turks of an emblem of the order of the Templars, which is therefore deemed offensive to Muslims. The cross is the emblem of Milan.

    Hospital bans traditional Easter Hot Cross Buns = offensive to non=Christians ie: muslims.

    Prison officials in Britain are concerned that tie pins worn by officers featuring the St. George's Cross – the symbol on England's flag – could offend Muslims who might associate it with the Crusades of the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries."

    These are just a few of the assaults made by muslims against the any representation of the Christian cross and/or National flags with cross symbols. A brief search of the web will find MANY more as well as affirm that no other ethnic, religious or otherwise groups voice any objection to or appear offended by the cross symbol.

    Clearly muslims are methodically working towards incremental eradication of any form of the Christian cross from public view on their way to the Islamisation of Europe. With the help of pandering, multicultural worshipping, politically correct dhimmis - including these Heathrow (and other) officials - British police and politicians -one can predict - in Great Britain - muslims could very well succeed.


    I'm almost effin speechless! I don't think even Aust has gone this far...Britain, what happened to you? :(
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    How dare you mention muslims as the reason the British government (for how long?) chose to bar the cops from wearing their "offensive" national flag on their uniforms. I declare fatwah against you! Good heavens, I just realized these badges were 1" square!! I declare jihad!!!
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    So...I guess this means I don't get the donkey of my choice then? :(
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    This is all bull s###. I am so sick and tired of everyone bowing down to the Muslim/Islamic world, all I can say is F### them all !!!!!!!!

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    This reminds me of on Cinco do Mayo this year, some libtard-Kalifornian principal (or vice principal) sent several Hispanic-American students home for wearing American flag clothing (t-shirts mostly, IIRC) because it was "Offensive to the Hispanics".....

    Now, I know we're talking Muslim's in the UK, but this political-correctness bull has got to stop.

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, chances are you won't be able to say "its a duck" anymore...
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    I'm all for the seperation of church & state, but this crap is getting ridiculous-"oooooh the scary lapel pin is staring at me ooooh". :rolleyes: Nancy boy wussies!
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    Once again, I am SO freakin' happy to live in a rural, unprogressive, backwards, hick, unenlightened community. The deputy sheriffs here not only wear an American flag pin, but a couple of the boys that are Masons also wear a tiny Masonic "square and compass" pin.

    My opinion on the whole thing is summed up by Mr. Dunham-
    Myxer - Video - YouTube - Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist
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    This is re-damn diculouse. Who gives a rats backside if it offends the muslims. Its not like we go around blowing up buses full of women and children with that symbol on. Political correctness has gone too far. If the muslims dont like it they can go back to the sandy crap nest they came from when they sought asylum.
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    Polical correctness is a damned disease, in need of a .45ACP innoculation!