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    Hey Gents,
    This is my 1st post. It's great to be here!
    I have an undercover southpaw (38 spl) on layaway. I had a bulldog .44 spl that I had bought in the mid 80's and sold it when I needed funds after I got out of the Air Force in 1988. I loved that weapon and when I heard the news about a " Lefty Revolver" I just had to have it.
    My .44 Bulldog was great and fun to shoot.
    Now after hearing good and bad news about recently built Charter Arms, I need some feedback.
    Everyones feedback is welcome,but I guess I need those that own these revolvers to tell me what they think of them.
    I didn't put it on layaway because it was inexpensive. I can afford the wonderful 442's & 642's but Da__it, I want a lefty!
    I also have a P3at (2nd Generation) and am very happy with it, despite negative news I've heard about it.
    I do have a G19 , so I do have what most people would consider to be a reliable weapon. I just thought I'd say that before someone told me to buy a more dependable firearm.
    Please, let me hear the good and bad.
    Thanx All!
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    I stock this and many of the other guns Charter makes. I don't actually own any (well I guess I own hundreds, just don't seem like mine) I don't think the Charter guns are built too poorly, I feel they could be made better, but they are a good buy for the money. Anyway if you have any trouble the factory will make it right for you. It isn't like anyone else is making a Southpaw model anyhow!