Unconstitutional Laws "For Our Own Good"

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    I wrote this in response to one of my centrist buddies on a local blog Ive hung out in for years. She's a good woman but she has bitten the "For Our Own Good" apple a few times too many. She's clueless to cause and effect, conditioned well by Republicrats to beg them for the answers that only we ourselves can provide.

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    As we often declare, over 100 million gun owners hurt no one with a firearm today. You like many Americans are caught up in the Ban firearms frenzy. Their are all manner of crimes and accident in this country every day.
    The Left has and continues to Demonize firearms. They know they can sway American opinions with a negative 24/7 news cycle. They did this with cigarettes and tax the rich etc.
    It seems to be working when gun owners are looking for excuses to own firearms.:(

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    Firearms do not cause violence. The loss of our moral compass ans acceptance of social decay and moral relativism cause crime and most of our other problems.
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    The press and government focus is directly on School shootings as our biggest threat and thats a farce. They account for less than 1% of the Murders in the United States, the 99% are crimes that occur in addition to other crimes not sole acts of violence. Modern day Prohibition, a turnstile border and the black market are the sources of most violent crime not dark hostile teens.

    When it comes to the few hyped teen killer "Tragedies", guns are not the problem, people who watch young weeds mature without "managing" them are. Most of us are born with a certain amount of mental instability that may or may not manifest itself over our lifetime. Anti Gun laws seem to have increased with the insanity, more deaths occurring in spite of them not less due to them, why would more laws help when the ones we have dont?

    Mental instability is the largest single common thread with this type of senseless violent act, the perpetrators all have histories longer than the 12 minutes of explosive destruction they will be remembered for. Drs and Educrats are drugging kids with psychoactives that they themselves admit they dont even understand how or why they do the things to the mind they do.

    Americans are fixers, we truly believe all things that are bad can be made good somehow if we just try hard. Were also lazy, take a pill and call me in the morning is much easier than sustained and constant vigilance over controlling our children's foundations, surroundings and activities.

    In the end, it wont be the adults that spawned and nurtured the killer that get the blame, its guns! Whackos and thugs all have the same thing in common, 2 DNA Donors per Zygote! If I created a virus that infected and killed 20 people, I would be charged with a crime!

    If junior turned out to be a Rocket Scientist, his parents and teachers would be there for the photo opportunity and take as much credit as they give their little scientist. Where are the parents and teachers of the killers when they turn out to be bad byproducts of their making?
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    While the long term effects of the prescription drugs I'm sure have not fully been studied. I think the more shootings are caused by the declining economy. More and more people down on their luck and can't figure a way out. The majority of shooters aren't children, the ones involving children are just the most dramatic shootings. The publicity all the shootings get is a way for them to get their gun banning agenda through, and they milk the ones involving children to get their way.
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    During the depression, people down on their luck killed themselves after losing everything, not others. It wasnt uncommon to find a suit-coat nicely folded on the bridge and a body floating down the Genesee River on any morning.

    The shootings they highlight as reason to react are not Economic related, they are whacko kids with a death wish. Most are being treated for some type of Mental Illness and all have sent up red flags over their short lives.

    Leave it to Republicrats to crucify a weapon for doing what it was made for while they completely gloss over the fact that the Kids on Legal Brain Altering meds are killing folks as a side effect. Why do we know this, because the side effects are listed for all the world to see, Suicide, Depression, OCD, erratic and other undesirable things are very often present in Med-created-Zombies.

    A close friend of mine died of lymphoma not long after taking a now popular medication (Embrel) to relieve his progressive joint damage from rheumatoid Arthritis, that warning was on the label.

    My wife tried to take her own life as a young woman while she was being chemically treated with Prozac for depression, (On the Label)!

    Mother had Parkinson's for 12 years before she died and half way in she started hallucinating and had many other old age onset mental issues, all were caused by two drugs her Neurologist threw in for good measure, once removed, she shook no worse but stopped seeing the children playing in the back yard (On the Label).

    Anyone that remembers the Thalidomide babies back years ago born without arms and legs probably shuddered when they heard its now being used to treat other illnesses (Just not in women of Child bearing age).

    I would guess most of you have the same OMFG reaction as I do when I see a 60 second Drug commercials where 40 seconds of it are used to describe possible horrific side effects.

    Web MD- The following side effects are associated with Prozac Oral:

    Common side effects of Prozac Oral:
    Throat Irritation Less Severe
    Sinus Irritation and Congestion Less Severe
    Dry Mouth Less Severe
    Indigestion Less Severe
    Drowsiness Less Severe
    Dizzy Less Severe
    Chronic Trouble Sleeping Less Severe
    Excessive Sweating Less Severe
    Involuntary Quivering Less Severe
    Rash Less Severe
    Loss of Appetite Less Severe
    Head Pain Less Severe
    Yawning Less Severe
    Feel Like Throwing Up Less Severe
    Diarrhea Less Severe
    Nervous Less Severe
    Feeling Weak Less Severe
    Anxious Less Severe

    Infrequent side effects of Prozac Oral:
    Hives Severe
    Chills Severe
    Trouble Breathing Severe
    Feeling Restless Less Severe
    Hyperactive Behavior Less Severe
    Problems with Eyesight Less Severe
    Abnormal Dreams Less Severe
    Ringing in the Ears Less Severe
    Abnormal Heart Rhythm Less Severe
    Widening of Blood Vessels Less Severe
    Incomplete or Infrequent Bowel Movements Less Severe
    Inability to have an Erection Less Severe
    Itching Less Severe
    Hair Loss Less Severe
    Joint Pain Less Severe
    Fever Less Severe
    Flu-Like Symptoms Less Severe
    Taste Problems Less Severe
    Weight Loss Less Severe
    Excessive Thirst Less Severe
    Fast Heartbeat Less Severe
    Heart Throbbing or Pounding Less Severe
    Cough Less Severe
    Chest Pain Less Severe
    Gas Less Severe
    Frequent Urination Less Severe
    Stomach Cramps Less Severe
    Confused Less Severe
    Sexual Problems Less Severe
    Altered Interest in Having Sexual Intercourse Less Severe
    Problem with Ejaculation Less Severe

    Rare side effects of Prozac Oral:
    Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome Severe
    Serotonin Syndrome - Adverse Drug Interaction Severe
    A Spasm of the Larynx Severe
    Bronchospasm Severe
    Stomach or Intestinal Ulcer Severe
    Hepatitis caused by Drugs Severe
    Bleeding of the Stomach or Intestines Severe
    Inflammation of Skin caused by an Allergy Severe
    Erythema Multiforme Severe
    Seizures Severe
    Swollen Lymph Nodes Severe
    Throwing Up Severe
    Abnormal Liver Function Tests Severe
    Life Threatening Allergic Reaction Severe
    Giant Hives Severe
    Reaction due to an Allergy Severe
    Allergic Reaction causing Serum Sickness Severe
    Low Amount of Sodium in the Blood Severe
    Increased Risk of Bleeding Severe
    Behaving with Excessive Cheerfulness and Activity Severe
    Mild Degree of Mania Severe
    Having Thoughts of Suicide Severe
    Grinding of the Teeth Less Severe
    Abnormally Low Blood Pressure Less Severe
    Abnormal Bleeding from the Uterus Less Severe
    Sun-Sensitive Skin Less Severe
    Loss of Memory Less Severe
    Uncoordinated Less Severe
    Difficult or Painful Urination Less Severe
    Low Blood Sugar Less Severe
    Mood Changes Less Severe

    The drugs were created For Our Own Good so were just supposed to accept negative side effects like murder, death and brain damage as the price we pay for better health. Legislation that vilifies a device like a Gun for doing exactly what it was created to do with no unforeseen side effects FOOG is more than idiotic, its a sham. If nearly all of the school shooters they point at as the largest threat have treatment with Antidepressants in common (They do), why not state the facts, the legal drugs they were on often have worse side effects than the Ill they were designed to cure!
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    Webley, they can't state the facts, showing that the blame is on the person/meds the person is on and isn't on the tool used. That would go against their agenda.

    More so in very recent times, than years ago, society has become very impatient. If they can't have something right this very second, it is of no use to them (or, more realistically, they cry like little babies). While I enjoy the technological improvements we've seen just over the last decade, it has made society worse, not better. The post office isn't fast enough for a corresponance? We got email. Can't wait a few days to get your film back from CVS? We get 1 hour photo. Can't be bothered with that? We get digital cameras (and now they are on our cells). Can't be bothered to carry change for a payphone or wait til you get home to make a call? We got cell phones. Can't be bothered to talk to someone (supposedly a friend) directly? We got texting.

    This trend followed into places it should never have been allowed.

    The Criminal Justice System isn't working fast enough, because the investigation just started 30 seconds ago? Let's rush to trial, where the prosecution is not ready - that way more and more people like Casey Anthony can get a free pass.

    This also spilled over into medical R&D. We need a way to treat this illness, disease or mental disorder, and we need it yesterday. Okay, cool, no problem. Let's make something that won't really treat the problem, but will give you so many more issues that you won't notice the initial problem (okay, maybe not exactly like that, but very close).

    Bottom line is that until society can show some restraint, nothing will get fixed. Good thing the progressives will never understand that (also a bad thing, as they'll just keep making things worse and worse).

    And just to be clear, I do agree with you.
  8. WebleyFosbery38

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    Truth is, I tend to dwell in what I see and live more than what others say outside my CNY Bubble. The number of people Ive seen phucked up by legal drugs and legal Alcohol consumption outnumber the parasites 10 to one. I wouldnt take one of those daily mood stabilizers if you paid me. Ive got my own methods of stabilization that have worked fine all my life.

    Im not giving them a pass cause they had a rough life, were a bit whacky or maybe nuts (been accused of being off my rocker before myself); I know lots of crazy folks and they dont kill kids in schools. Their surroundings, TV upbringing, Video Game pill popping lives cause them to do absolutely irrational and unexplainable things.

    Things havent changed that damn much in 30 years but Medicating America sure has, just ask the trillion dollar industry that 30 years ago was a couple aspirin and fertilizer companies.
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    Back in the ’80’s, Mother started having memory lapses. Dad took her to their local doctor who wrote her a prescription. Not long after she started seeing, in her mind, long lines of children at the door waiting to be fed.
    Dad woke up one night to find the house full of smoke, all four burners on the stove turned to high and Mother pouring food stuff into pans on the stove…to fed the hungry babies. Being this was before Google, I went to the library and looked up her prescription in a medical journal. The side effects were exactly what she was experiencing. I made a copy of the page, my Dad showed it to her doctor, and his response was: "If you don’t want to take the medicine I prescribe, find yourself another doctor!”
    I tried to convince him just to stop giving it to her but he kept following doctors’ orders, stayed awake every night to watch her…..until his heart failed from the stress.

    My wife has diabetes, and in the course of exams and blood tests her doctor decided to prescribe her Crestor…not because her cholesterol was high but ‘just as a precaution.’ Within five days she couldn’t get out of her chair, she couldn’t walk to the bathroom without stopping to rest. Her urine looked like stump water. And her mental state was such she couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I had to hide the Crestor to keep her from taking it (‘I’m supposed to take it!’) Her doctor had scheduled a checkup a month down the road. I believe, had she continued on the medication she wouldn’t have lived a month.

    I find it laughable that commercials for prescription drugs are nothing but a litany of side effects that ‘may be experienced.’

    “Ask your Doctor.”

    Yes, indeed! Good luck with that!
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    My wife was taking a hypertension medication along with all the other meds she takes. Now that she's retired, her stress level has gone down, even with her illness.
    I screwed up and I dropped the ball on this one. I looked it up and found that one of the side effects could be confusion. Why would you prescribe that for a person with Alzheimer's? Since I take manage her meds, I eliminated it this week.

    We both have doctor appointments this coming Monday. I'll see if any BP meds are still even necessary and if so, have him substitute something else.
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