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    Wow I never realized but my entire family on my mother's side all carry weapons.

    My 70 something old Uncle who was in the hospital has a Mossberg 12 Gauge loaded...an SKS Rifle....a .380 pistol...and a .22 revolver or pistol.

    The rest of my family have right to carry....even one who is in a wheel chair.

    And then another Uncle found out I'm collecting guns...and has offered to give me one of my I think...Great Great Uncles Single Shot 12 gauge from the early 1900s....and then a .410 gauge shotgun.

    Don't mess with my family is what I think.

    Anyway my uncle is doing fine who is in the hospital. He's probably not long for this world but he's lived a good life. I'm not sad he's going and not glad either. I look at him and know that there is no reason to shed tears for a man as great as him who stayed with his wife to the bitter end. Dime a dozen these days.
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    I met my brother-in-law's grandfather for the first time not long after 9/11.

    He was in his 80's, and had been in a wheelchair since he was a child because of polio. He was wanting to sett up a local militia (for lack of a better word, I hate how its been preverted by a few wackos) because of the terrorist attacks. He even had design idea for a mounting platform to put an AR15 on his wheelchair.

    You just gotta love old guys.