Un-freaking believeable!!! >:(

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    I was looking around on yahoo earlier and saw this. Here's what the captions said about the pics.


    Un-freaking believable. Their Government is corrupt as hell, and they can't control the drug cartels so it's somehow our faults? How dare they blame us for problems they created for themselves. Maybe if they let their people have guns, they wouldn't have as many cartels running around. :mad:
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    Lord knows that the ATF has supplied enough guns to them that there is enough to go around

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    As I stated earlier Mexico and the liberals here in the USA can go FO (Flip Off!) They supplied the weapons that are killing hundreds of people and our Border Patrol Agent and go others shot. Is the president addressing the President, Holder and the staff that was behind Fast and Furious? Seemingly not! Could this be a part of their plan to violate the Second Amendment with the help of the Mexican President? "Probably" But we will not stand for it! November is around the corner! And hoping for the best to get America back! Not much to choose from but Mickey Mouse would be a better choice than the present. At least Mickey would have American interest in mind;)!

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    I've always figured the 'Fast & Furious' gun running scheme was not a failed attempt to track how the guns were getting to drug cartels. It was all about building a case for more gun control in the states. I also believe that the authorities in mexico were in on it. Just think how it would have looked when guns found at a crime scene were traced back to originating in the U.S., especially when it involved killing some of our border patrol agents. The "good" people of this country would be screaming for more gun control. But, that was all ruined when the cat was let out of the bag that our own justice department was deliberately allowing the guns to walk & they did not do due diligence in tracking them. American lives were deliberately sacrificed for the sake of the power hungry in washington dc! They should already be cooling their heels in federal prison.
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    Many people in government have referenced Mexico as the home of the flea and land of the plague. Nothing much has changed with that country of corruption because there is much more wealth to be extracted.