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    I think it was JD that mentioned a ultra sonic cleaner for parts and my tool dealer also mentioned one today for a different application and got me thinking about one. How many of you use one and what is the price range on a decent quality one and should it have a heater??
    I have searched the net and found some from $40 -1500 thats a pretty broad range :confused: Are they worth the investment and do they do a good job of removing the carbon deposits on the BCG.. Thanks
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    Mine is very similar to this model from Crest Ultrasonic (by way of Brownell's):

    Hg575 Ultrasonic Cleaning System Hg575 Ultrasonic System - Sonic System Sales

    I don't know what we paid for it. We got a SHOT show special a few years ago and this was a birthday present from the Lady.

    I love mine and have yet to find a downside other than it's not wise to put anything with Tritium in there do to the heat.

    Removing carbon and fouling from the BCG? Not a problem.

    I usually just strip my handguns down and throw everything but the slide and the grips in the tank and crank up the heated cleaner. I add the specialized weapon lube after the cleaning, wipe em down, reassemble with an old T-shirt to soak up any excess and put them back in the safe.

    I love it.

    Works great on firearms, folding knives, multipliers, any small tools you use in the rain. It's a great labor saver and the weapon lube does a great job of protecting.

    John Dillinger would give it 5 out of 5 Banks. ;)


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    Order a jar of the Slip2000 carbon remover. Just drop the BCG into the jar and let it soak for a bit. It is amazing.

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    That sound like a good thing to have.. I was looking this am and saw cabelas now has em too but I dont think the basket is a big, I guess as long as its big enough for small parts and a BCG than it would be fine.. I am going to do a little more shopping around though. Not sure I want to pay the 5-6 hundred for one. That would be my Kimber solo or a new XDM 3.8 compact :)

    Cabela's: Hornady® Lock-N-Load™ Large Stainless Sonic Cleaner™
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    So upon good advise from you guys I got an ultrasonic cleaner. I picked up one off ebay for $90 shipped. It has a larger tank than the Hornady one and has a heater. So I figured what the he** and tried it thinking if it was no good I could pawn it on C-list as a jewelry cleaner and some dub like me would buy it.

    WOW it works great, I have been cleaning gun parts in it with the Hornady gun parts solution and it is awesome! I have also gotten started in relaoding and cleaned some brass in it tonight with the Cartridge case formula, after 5 min they look like brand new cases. They also come out hot so they are dry in minutes.

    Thanks for the great help as usual :D
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    Glad it worked out for you. I still have one in the box I need to get fired up. Just need to get some fluid for it. I'm looking forward to trying it. If I can be lazy on my BCG so be it:)