Ultimate Varmint rifle?

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  1. FirearmsAuction_org

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    Need suggestions on the ultimate varmint rifle (&caliber)/scope combo.
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  2. sputnik1988

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    For a bolt gun, the Mossberg MVP, I know very little about glass though. I would like an M1A as a varmint gun, but some may consider that to be overkill.:D

  3. Txhillbilly

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    It would help if you would tell us about the types of varmints you want to hunt,and the ranges that you expect to be shooting.
    I prefer to use heavy barreled rifles for the majority of my hunting needs,varmint or bigger game.The extra weight has never bothered me,and I've always shot better with them over a sporter or lite weight rifle.

    Most varmint calibers are in the .224/.243/and .257 caliber bullets,and they can have a very effective range of over 500 yards with excellent shooter's.
    .264/.277/.284/and .308 caliber bullets can also be used,but they have more recoil and are a whole lot more expensive to use in a varmint hunting role.

    I love to use the 223 Remington cartridge for most of my varmint hunting chores.Other's like the 22-250,but I like being able to shoot bullets heavier than the 55gr bullets,which is the main diet of most 22-250's since most have a 1-12 twist barrel on them.
    If I want to shoot a really fast bullet,I can load 75gr bullets in my 25/06 and shoot faster than the 22-250,with even more range.

    Great optics is a must have in my book,and most of my rifles wear glass that cost more than the rifles did.
    I like to use scopes like the Weaver Classic Extreme and Super Slam,Zeiss Conquest,Sightron SIII,and Swarovski.For shooting small animals at long ranges,you need glass that's clear/bright/and tracks very good,and almost all cheaper made scopes won't do it for me.
  4. krisko09

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    I use a savage axis 223 with an old leupold 6-24x44. Typically use hornady vmax 55gr but have been playing around with different weights lately. 223 is a great round for saving pelts. Alot of people bash my savage, but its a true shooter, and a tack driver.
  5. 00possum

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    Ar-15 204 ruger with a quick detach red dot and a quick detach red dot flip to side magnifier and a adjustable 6 position stock. Chrome bolt carrier, chrome moly bull barrel 20", w/ a low pro gas block and threaded for a standard a2 flash suppressor or a sound suppressor. Full free float 4 rail aluminum handgaurd.
  6. blucoondawg

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    For a bolt action I would go with some variation of a Remington 700 or the Savage bolt guns, not trying to start an argument I am just giving my opinion based on my experiences that isn't to say the Winchesters and Rugers and whatever else aren't good choices as well, for 22 cal I like the 223 and 22-250, 22-250 being a little hotter. As far as scopes go I don't really have a preference, I stay away from any of the bargain stuff but most of the mid range scopes I have used have worked just fine, I can't justify selling a kidney to buy a scope. If you are wanting more of a bigger varmint gun for varmint as well as deer and such you would do well to consider a 243 or a 25-06
  7. sniper762

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    Olympic Arms .223 AR15 type flat top rifle. I built this rifle using an Olympic Arms flat top receiver, fitted with an Olympic Arms ultra-match 24 inch bull barrel. It is fitted with a free floating round handguard, a JP match trigger and topped with a 4-12 x 50mm mil-dot Tasco scope.. I have used it on groundhogs out to 300 yards using Military green tip M855 ammo

  8. Dillinger

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    Intent on use? Size of "varmint" in question? Price range for your project? Off the shelf or custom build?

    .221 Fireball is a great little round for going ground hogging in the Montana area. Good range, effective, light recoil so you can shoot it all day and the barrel life is great because of such a low powder content in the cartridge. We have turned out quite a few of them on all types of actions.

    I have several Leupold scopes and think they are great for the price, plus their warranty is excellent.

    Schmidt & Bender has some of the best glass I have ever seen and their light gathering properties are amazing, but MAN are they pricey. :eek:

  9. tri70

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    I like 223,243,22-250 even 22 LR for varmint size game from prairie dogs to coyotes. I like Savage, Marlin, Ruger, Rem, Win all have good rifles. I like light easy carry in hills and flats. I prefer scopes that cost $175 or more in Nikon, Leupold, Redfield, and Simmons.
  10. Intheshop

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    Got "right many" heavy brrl'd varmint/target guns.But for the last several years they pretty much stay in safe,mainly due to the carry weight.Nowaday's have been using an old Savage 110,22-250....its wearing one of our stocks,and has a straight 6X scope(old worldclass tasco) on it.

    Don't even use Harris's(bi-pod)anymore.Much prefer shooting sticks.....we make them from old Alum. arrows.Surgical tube slid over about 4 or so inches.Then take sinew to wrap the joint,complete with a set of fieldtips.

    'Bout the longest shots around here are 400 yds......but that represents maybe 5%.By far,most shots are in the 75-150 yds.And is split on shot window.Would say its about 50-50 on it being a quick shot vs say a relaxed animal.

    Coyotes,Fox,Bobcats,G-hogs(here).....accuracy isn't that hard to achieve.The above gun is sub-MOA,but rarely bother shooting it off the heavy bags.It isn't much fun.The stock is built as a walking varmint.It dosen't behave very well on the bench.Its a crackerjack offhand rifle though.

    AIKIJUTSU New Member

    The Savage 26" heavy barrel bolt action rifles are GREAT! My .22-250 is accurate and effective. Plus it didn't cost $3000!!! No bipod, just shoot from prone.
  12. Chris

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    My favorite small caliber varmint rifle is my Savage .17 HMR. I just love to shoot that thing. I also have a Remington 788 .243 for larger varmint, I love both of those rifles.
  13. kaido

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    For me the ultimate varmint rifle is actually my girlfriends rifle. It's a Marlin XT-22 with a cheap 4x32 center point on it. Between me and her, that one rifle alone has over 500 gophers to it and counting.

    I'm sure if I went for something bigger then gophers and similar sized animals it would be a different rifle.
  14. cottontop

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    The ultimate varmint rifle would be a good make of bolt action w/ a fairly heavy bull barrel, preferrably 26" in .25-06. Why not a smaller caliber? Because of the wind bucking ability and the greater distance factor of the .25-06 round.
  15. 303tom

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    I guess I am going to have to agree with cottontop, that would be my Handi-rifle in .25-06, with a 4-12x40 Bushnell...............
  16. MOshooter

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    I have several Varmint type rifles for CF rifles semi autos the 2 Colt AR15 Hbars in 223 which do a fine job.In the bolt action CF rifles I have a Rem 700 vssf in a 22-250 w/Leupold VXIII 6-24x40mm with target knobs and a Rem 700 Bdl 6mm rem in a Bell Carlson syn. stock and a Leuplod VXIII 4.5-14x40mm.
    Can't forget the 22lr,which I use a Ruger 10/22T with a Tasco world class 3-9x40mm scope.
    I agree depending on what kind of varmints? anything from a 22lr up to a 308 win. make very good varmint cartridges.
  17. Hookeye

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    #1 B with killer wood, red pad...............trigger work and if need be, bbl change (factory look).
    If I get the job I interviewed for, I'll have Mr Penrod do the work.
    .243 Winchester.
    Be my chuck rig.
    Got a 700 ADL synth for beatin' the brush and bouncing in the Jeep, shoots about 1/2 MOA. That's my yote rig.
    Nice wood is for chuck hunting. Maybe even an attractant ;)
  18. gunnut07

    gunnut07 New Member

    Ruger M77VT 6mm PPC with a Sightron 6-24x50mm MOA-2 reticle SIII on top. That combo will get you to 700 yards easy if you can do your part.
  19. Flat Tire

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  20. Badshot320

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    Ive grown up popping ground hogs with my old man`s 220 Swift, but if you were in an area with prairie dogs id prolly go for a .223 Rem just for the added barrel life. Im currently saving up to get a .243 Improved barrel for my short 700 .243 originally built by AP Custom.

    The 220 Swift my father has now was also built by Mike (AP Custom), long 700, factory BDL wood stock thats been pillar bedded, Jewell (sp) trigger, Leupold 6.5-20.